One 'Guardians Vol. 2' Easter Egg Still Remains Undiscovered, Says James Gunn

That rascally James Gunn is back at it again, driving Marvel movie fans to the brink of insanity with the promise of undiscovered Easter eggs. The Guardians of the Galaxy writer/director has taken to Twitter and confirmed that there is still one hidden Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Easter egg that internet sleuths have yet to find. But what could it be?

Let's back up for a minute. Gunn has long said there's one Easter egg from 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy that has yet to be found, and that's somehow still the case – even now in 2018, nobody has gotten it exactly right. In a recent Twitter thread (via ScreenCrush), Gunn responded to a fan video in which a YouTuber thought he finally cracked the case with a theory about the final Vol. 1 easter egg being the planet Sanctuary.

I'm not capable of watching the whole video (I have a physical aversion to rambling YouTube essays – especially ones that are 23 minutes long), but the gist of this dude's theory is that Sanctuary, the destroyed planet we see in the first Guardians, served as a metaphorical "egg" that birthed the Celestial being known as Knowhere, which eventually served as the location of The Collector's headquarters. He also tosses in a theory at the last minute about how the destruction of Sanctuary could have birthed Thanos, but it turns out none of that is correct.

In a separate tweet, Gunn said that "MT has gotten close" to finding it, and that he will reveal it "someday." Previously, the filmmaker promised it would be "a while AFTER Vol. 2 at the earliest" before he lets the truth finally come out.

But all of that is about the Easter egg in Guardians Vol. 1. What about the one in Guardians Vol. 2? We knew there would be an equally obscure Easter egg in last year's superhero sequel, and when asked if there is still a secret Easter egg no one has found yet in Vol. 2, Gunn simply responded, "Yes."

I suspect it'll be a while yet before Gunn pulls back the curtain on these, because as that video essay proves, there are still people who are devoting huge amounts of time and energy into tracking these Easter eggs down. And for anyone wondering if this is an elaborate piece of trolling on the filmmaker's part, remember that he told one fan that he'd give him $100,000 if it turns out that there's no Easter egg at all.

At this point, it seems unlikely that even the most hardcore Marvel fans will be able to excavate Gunn's buried treasure, but maybe a separate tweet from the director in which he says "MT [the YouTuber] has gotten close" will be enough to refocus fan efforts and provide the trail of bread crumbs that will eventually lead them to glory. Good luck, and godspeed.