'Black Dynamite' Sequel Coming? Michael Jai White Teases "Black Is Back"

Is there a secret Black Dynamite sequel coming our way this year? That's certainly the implication from a tweet from Black Dynamite star Michael Jai White. While there's no confirmation yet, we're hoping a sequel to the 2009 blaxploitation comedy is right around the corner.

If you've somehow never seen the 2009 blaxploitation comedy Black Dynamite, you need to rectify that, immediately. The film, directed by Scott Sanders, is a hilarious tribute/send-up of blaxploitation films of the 1970s, and one of the funniest movies of the last decade. Michael Jai White starred as Black Dynamite, an ass-kicking sex machine who vows to clean up the streets of drug dealers after the death of his brother. Michael Jai White has been talking about a potential Black Dynamite sequel for a few years, and now it looks like we might be closer than ever to that being a reality. White took to Twitter today, and uploaded this teaser:

While I'm sure there are a number of interpretations of what this could be, it seems pretty clear that it's teasing a Black Dynamite sequel. When asked if this was a teaser for his next film, White offered a cryptic reply:

In 2012, White told Crave Online that a Black Dynamite trilogy was the original plan for the character:

"What Byron [Minns] and I always intended is we always thought from the beginning of a trilogy, Black Dynamite being one of a trilogy that would occur in that time period that starred essentially the same cast. We have some really funny ideas of other movies that are in that real vibrant time period. We're trying to decide which would be the next step to do in that trilogy."

White later added that one idea for the sequel was like a cross between the Mel Brooks comedy Blazing Saddles and the 1972 Western Buck & The Preacher. In 2014, White resurrected the character of Black Dynamite for an Adult Swim animated series, and once again reiterated (this time to Vulture) his desire to create a trilogy:

"You know, we're still planning to do sequels to the movie. I always pictured Black Dynamite as a trilogy, sort of like the Monty Python movies: Holy GrailLife of BrianThe Meaning of Life..."

In the same interview, White offered his take on Black Dynamite as a potential franchise:

"Blaxploitation" encompasses other movies that are not ... you know, Shaft, was one of the earliest ones, but it was just an urban action film. Then some "Blaxploitation" movies just jumped on the bandwagon of getting black audience dollars in theatres. It's a convenient moniker that gets attached to any black movie of that time. Black Dynamite was a celebration of all of it, the good and the bad."

Hopefully, we'll know more about this potential Black Dynamite sequel very soon.