Marvel Comics Reveals Thanos' Original Birth Name

I know what you've been thinking every time you lay eyes on Thanos, the Big Bad who has terrorized the Avengers for decades and who looms large over the Marvel Cinematic Universe's upcoming Avengers: Infinity War: What's beneath that crinkly, purple exterior? What is he thinking? What's his original name?

Yes, Thanos' name was almost not Thanos. That's something you'll only learn in the ongoing Marvel Comics series Thanos, which revealed the Mad Titan's true birth name in issue #14. And no, it's not something mundane like "Todd."

The reveal took place during a time-traveling plot in the latest issue of Thanos from writer Donny Clay Cates and artist Geoffrey Shaw. As Thanos sets out to the hidden corners of the cosmos to prove to that he is unkillable — despite a bombshell twist in Thanos #1 that revealed the Mad Titan was dying — he encounters his greatest foe yet: himself.

The current Thanos meets an older version of himself in Thanos #14, from millions of years in the future, when he has destroyed all of existence and sits atop a lonely throne as King of the Universe. The older Thanos begs for his younger self's help and, to endear himself to him, reveals something that only he could know: his original birth name.

That name was...Dione.

Dione was the name that Thanos' birth mother was originally going to give him before "her mind was shattered" and she settled on Thanos, according to the comic panel provided by ScreenRant. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean Thanos true name is Dione, he is still Thanos. On Twitter, writer Donny Cates clarifies that "Dione is what his mom was GOING to name him."

So what does this all mean? I'm not sure, but it provides more layers to a villain who has remained often uncomplicated throughout his 40-plus year run in comics: He wants to destroy the universe and rule over its remains to court his celestial lover Lady Death. Now, we know he had a crazy mother, and his name could have been something different! At least it wasn't Martha.

Read the official description of Thanos #14 below:

Thanos has journeyed to the end of time to the moment of his complete victory...and he's not happy with what he sees! Writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw (God Country) continue the tale of the Mad Titan's greatest glory and ultimate shame!

Thanos #14 is in comic shops now.