Daily Podcast: Last Jedi, Bright, Batman, Overboard, Survivor, Breadwinner & More

On the December 21, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall and writer Hoai-Tran Bui to discuss the latest news, including: Ben Affleck's Batman plans, the first Bright reviews, a reaction to the trailer for the Overboard remake, a group takes credit for the Star Wars: The Last Jedi backlash and Snoke apparently has another apprentice? And at the water cooler, we talk Survivor, The Breadwinner and Ultimate Beastmaster.You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes, Google Play, Overcast and all the popular podcast apps (here is the RSS URL if you need it).

At the Water Cooler:

  • Peter watched The Disaster Artist and the season finale of Survivor
  • Jacob has been watching Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix
  • HT talks about Chopped and watched The Breadwinner
  • In the News:

  • Reaction: 'Overboard' Remake Trailer: Anna Faris Has Fun With Amnesia
  • Wait, Ben Affleck Still Wants to Direct Batman?
  • 'Bright' Early Buzz: Netflix's First Big Movie is an Embarrassing Disaster
  • Alt-Right Group Takes Credit for 'The Last Jedi' Rotten Tomatoes Backlash
  • Snoke Has At Least "One Other Apprentice" – What Does This Mean For 'Star Wars: Episode 9'?
  • Lastly, we would like to wish one of our listeners, Michelly Silva, a happy birthday.You can find more about all the stories we mentioned on today's show at slashfilm.com. /Film Daily is published every weekday, bringing you the most exciting news from the world of movies and television as well as deeper dives into the great features from slashfilm.com. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes, Google Play, Overcast and all the popular podcast apps (RSS). We're still very much experimenting with this podcast, please feel free to send your feedback to us at peter@slashfilm.com. Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes and spread the word! Thanks to Sam Hume for our logo.