'Overboard' Remake Trailer: Anna Faris Has Fun With Amnesia

Garry Marshall's 1987 Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell amnesia comedy gets updated for 2018 with Overboard. This new take on the material reverses the genders of the leads, but mostly tells the same story – with more pratfalls. Anna Faris, Eugenio Derbez and Eva Longoria star. Watch the Overboard trailer remake below.

In 1987, real-life couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell starred in Overboard. Hawn played a spoiled heiress who cheats over a handyman played by Russell. When Hawn's character comes down with a case of amnesia, Russell decides to get even by convincing Hawn she's his wife, and introducing her to a normal, working-class life. It's a questionable set-up at best!

Now the story gets a role reversal with the remake. This time, Anna Faris plays the working class schlub who tricks rich jerk Eugenio Derbez into thinking he's her husband. This seems like a lot of trouble to go through to one-up someone, but hey, what do I know? Let's watch the new Overboard trailer, shall we?

Overboard Trailer

Curiously enough, even though Faris is clearly the star of this film, she doesn't even get top billing above Derbez. Strange! Overboard looks mostly harmless, if a bit derivative. Faris is actually a great stand-in for a modern-day Goldie Hawn, so casting her was a particularly good idea. And switching the genders of the leads, so that it's a woman getting revenge on a man, isn't a half-bad idea. That said, this trailer is almost entirely void of humor; or rather, I should say that the humor on display here doesn't land at all.

Faris, who rose to prominence in the Scary Movie franchise, is a very talented and funny performer who just hasn't quite been able to land the right part to help her career take off. Will Overboard help? I guess we'll see. I don't know how much of an impact this film will have – is the original Overboard the type of comedy people want to see remade? Or does that even matter?

The new Overboard comes courtesy of directors Bob Fisher, who wrote Wedding Crashers, and Rob Greenberg, who was a writer on Frasier. Fisher and Greenberg also both wrote the script for this film. In addition to Faris and Derbez, Overboard stars Eva Longoria, John Hannah, and Swoosie Kurtz. Here's the official synopsis.

A spoiled, wealthy yacht owner is thrown overboard and becomes the target of revenge from his mistreated employee. A remake of the 1987 comedy.

Overboard opens April 20, 2018.