Ezra Miller Wants Jeffrey Dean Morgan To Play Batman In 'Flashpoint'

Ezra Miller is bringing the Flash to the DCEU in Justice League, and the actor is already looking toward the future for his character, specifically the in-development Flashpoint film. When pressed for casting recommendations, Miller confirmed he'd be more than happy to have The Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan join the Flashpoint cast as Batman. Or rather, an alternate universe Batman.

In the comic storyline Flashpoint, Barry Allen, aka the Flash, wakes up in an alternate dimension. In this dimension, he no longer has his powers of super-speed, the Justice League never formed, and Superman seemingly never existed. While this dimension does have Batman, it's a completely different Batman than the one Barry knows. Instead of Bruce Wayne donning the Dark Knight mantle, it's Bruce's father, Thomas. Unlike the timeline we're all used to, Flashpoint changes things so that it was actually young Bruce Wayne was gunned down years ago. The crime resulted in Bruce's father Thomas becoming Batman, while Bruce's mother Martha became The Joker.

It was confirmed at Comic-Con 2017 that the solo Flash film would be officially titled Flashpoint, which suggests the film will possibly be adapting elements of the comic crossover into the film. If so, that would mean the film would need a new Batman for its alternate dimension. And since this alternate Batman is Bruce Wayne's father, who better than the actor who already played Bruce Wayne's father in the DCEU? In Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we're provided with a brief prologue showing Bruce Wayne's parents being murdered. There, his father was played by The Walking Dead and Watchman's Jeffrey Dean Morgan, while Martha Wayne was played by Morgan's Walking Dead co-star Lauren Cohan.

During an interview with ComicBook.comJustice League co-star Ezra Miller was asked about Flashpoint, and the actor spoke specifically about the Thomas Wayne elements of the story, saying, "I think that the emotional arc of the Thomas Wayne stuff in Flashpoint is one of the illest [parts]. And to see that different manifestation of Batman and his whole different style." Miller then added:

"And I love the reality that you have this universe that is so inverted from the one that we know. And this one factor remains the same, but in this flipped way. Batman is steady, but it's going to be the result of a different side of the same tragedy with Thomas Wayne instead of Bruce, and that's dope."

When the interviewer inquired about adding Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the cast to reprise his role as Thomas Wayne, and thus become the new Batman, Miller was very much into the idea:

"Oh, hell yeah. I think he's amazing...And I think he would fall right into what is becoming a very, very serious ensemble of actors. I'm so excited about Kiersey Clemons. I'm so excited about Billy Crudup. I just couldn't be more stoked about the names involved so far."

Kiersey Clemons plays the Flash's girlfriend Iris West, while Billy Crudup plays the Flash's father. If Morgan does indeed end up being the new Batman in Flashpoint, one can't help but wonder: does that mean Lauren Cohan will be the new Joker? She'd certainly be a lot better in the role than Jared Leto, that's for sure.

Flashpoint is expected to hit theaters in 2020.