From Voodoo Rituals To Industrial Fans: All 67 'Child's Play' Kills Ranked

Let's save wordcount and cut any intro fluff – I have ranked every single Child's Play kill. From Charles Lee Ray's very first "death" transference to the final frame of Don Mancini's latest installation, Cult Of Chucky. Window drops, airbag nail bombs, heart attacks. The works. Why Because Child's Play helped invigorate a glorious era of slasher dominance and has been inventively tallying a body count for almost 30 years. Respect your elders. And because it's Halloween and it's the perfect season for more insane horror movie rankings.

Wait. You've all seen Cult Of Chucky by now, right? What are you waiting for! The "Rated" version appeared on Netflix a few weeks back, but now you can VOD the "Unrated," more graphic cut. Read on at your own risk, but know that secrets will be addressed in plain font type. I'd suggest breezing through Cult first. It's worth it.

Major spoilers begin for the entire series

67. Alice (Cult Of Chucky)

I WARNED YOU ABOUT SPOILERS! Yes, Alice was controlled by Chucky post-Curse/pre-Cult and died while serving as his stealth camouflage. Her death is only mentioned in passing.

66. Father Frank’s Two Collision Victims (Curse Of Chucky)

Don't eat poisoned food and drive, kids! Cut to a pair of bodies being covered with a sheet by first responders.

65. Old Man/Old Woman In RV (Bride Of Chucky)

Two poor retirees get shot in the head by Chucky and stored in their own RV's closet. Boo-hoo, how sad...but also how boring. Chucky is all about the kills, yet these deceased vacationers are popped off-screen.

64. Carnival Security Guard (Child’s Play 3)

Just a rent-a-cop trying to do his job. Andy finds the good samaritan's corpse with a bullet to the head. Chalk up an offscreen shrug.

63. Alice's Grandma (Curse Of Chucky)

Alice can't escape Chucky, who promises to be her friend to the end right before Grandma pops into frame with plastic over her head. One final gasp (and jump scare) before Curse Of Chucky ends.

62. Unknown man (Seed Of Chucky)

Machete-in-head guy falls out of Chucky's closet.

61. Unknown man (Seed Of Chucky)

Delivery-guy-stabbed-in-back falls out of Chucky's closet.

60. Unknown man (Seed Of Chucky)

Suffocated guy falls out of Chucky's closet (what, he has a problem).

59. Lieutenant Preston (Bride Of Chucky)

Tiff shoots blood from her, uh, downstairs parts and out crawls a demon baby who lunges towards Lt. Preston. Is he dead? We can only hope.

58. Sarah Pierce (Curse Of Chucky)

Nica comes downstairs to find Sarah stabbed, laying in a pool of her own blood that then reflects Nica's horrified face. Worth a yawn by Chucky standards.

57. Joanne Mildred Simpson (Child’s Play 2)

Kyle enters Joanne's room to see her sewing, presumably. The machine is running, but Joanne isn't moving. That's because she's been bound by rope and bandanas; throat slit.

56. Gravedigger (Bride of Chucky)

Upon reaching Charles Lee Ray's grave at Forest Creek Cemetery, Chucky shoots the gravedigger from behind. Headshot. Nothing much to report.

55. Garbage Man (Child’s Play 3)

Chucky finds himself in the back of a garbage truck, so he cries out for help. Mr. Driver sifts through trash trying to "save" whoever might be trapped, only to have Chucky sneak out and activate the compacting mechanism. The driver sticks his arm out, as the moving wall pushes towards a rotating wheel of spikes. His arm is snapped, but nothing more is shown. A bit weak compared to other victims.

54. Nurse Ashley (Cult Of Chucky)

For being a minor character, Nurse Ashley's death is pretty fitting. We find her already drilled to death (phrasing), the deed done.

53. Stan (Seed Of Chucky)

Before Stan can confess his love to Jennifer Tilly or get help, he's accidentally stabbed when Chucky throws a knife Tiff's way. No one leaves Chucky, whether you're his wife or a heartbroken celebrity driver.

52. Claudia's Mother (Seed Of Chucky)

Kill number two from Glen's point of view! We creep up on a naked, showering woman who – upon avoiding Glen's stab – accidentally slips out her shower-tub and whacks her head on white tile flooring. Then the blood begins to leak.

51. Eddie "Edward" Caputo (Child’s Play)

Chucky's ex-partner is squatting in a dilapidated house. Eddie hears noises that draw him room to room, gun drawn. Little does he know that Chucky already opened his oven and turned on the gas. Eddie flings his kitchen door open and shoots without looking. Cue the entire structure exploding in a fireball, Eddie assuredly baked.

50. Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Brett Campbell Shelton (Child’s Play 3)

At Kent Military Academy there's a yearly "War Games" with paintball ammunition. This year? Chucky turns the simulation into real-life gunfire when he loads the red team's rifles with live ammo. Shelton is fortunately the only one who gets tagged, shot through the chest by rivals who still think the mission is on.

49. Harold Aubrey Whitehurst (Child’s Play 3)

Harold – the dweebish sidekick type – gets to go out in a blaze of glory when Chuckster lobs a live grenade near Andy, De Silva and more cadets. Seeing the danger, Harold jumps on the explosive and absorbs the blast. At ease, soldier.

48. Fulvia (Seed Of Chucky)

Jennifer Tilly – now Tiff – hears her maid out when she wants to quit, but isn't so keen on the idea. She beats Fulvia with the Tiffany doll and splatters goo on her face. Still Tiff, it seems!

47. Dr. Philip Ardmore (Child’s Play)

Chucky needs Andy, and Dr. Ardmore stands in the way. With his pick of medical tools/weapons, Chucky stabs the back of Ardmore's leg and cuts him down to size. Then he straps a leather electrotherapy brace to the good doctor's head and juices him up until both eyes and mouth are bleeding. Face charred.

46. Toy Technician #1 (Child’s Play 2)

How better to kickoff Child's Play 2 than with a Play Pals technician being thrown through a massive glass window? This after being electrocuted by none other than Chucky, who has worked his way into a new Good Guy doll. The machine goes to insert the eyes, a red glow fills the sockets, electrical charges begin shocking the technician and WHAM – gold medal even though the backflip landing isn't stuck.

45. Officer Stanton (Curse Of Chucky)

Bride Of Chucky part deux (first occurrence to follow). Once again, Tiff meets a cop to recover Chucky from evidence, and once again she slices with her metal nail file. Even another blood tasting!

44. Jill (Curse Of Chucky)

Chucky catches Jill sexy skyping in her undies with Barb (who's only a room away). Jill looks at the doll in horror, then Chucky kicks a water bucket over that rushes under Jill's feet and into a floor socket where her laptop charger is plugged in. Zap! Jill convulses due to electric currents flowing through her body, until one of her eyes overcharges to a burnt, yellow color.

43. Grace Elsie Poole (Child’s Play 2)

Grace doesn't believe Chucky pulled a fire alarm. She grabs the doll and as soon as she's within reach Chucky spouts "Amazing, isn't it?" before stabbing her three times in the chest. A photocopier covers her corpse with black-and-white printouts of her dead, smushed face.

42. Outside Guard (Cult Of Chucky)

It's another Tiffany special! What's with her and slicing lawmen throats open? Blood squirts on her car and she licks the blood off her weapon once again. "Cherry snow cone!" I'm a sucker for cheeseball lines. (Still not the best one, though.)

41. Angela (Cult Of Chucky)

Angela's death is more a message since Chucky saves Nica from her own suicide attempt – and reciprocates on Angela. A broken wheelchair spoke in her hand and slice up her arm, but it should have been Nica. Not that Chucky would let her off that easy.

40. Officer "Needlenose" Norton (Bride Of Chucky)

From the minute you meet Needlenose, his death can't come soon enough. Luckily, it doesn't take very long for Chucky to stuff a shirt into his cop cruiser's gas tank that he lights on fire. Tiff and Chucky even give a wave right before Officer Norton explodes all over a crowded parking lot.

39. Martha Stewart (Seed Of Chucky)

This isn't lower because Don Mancini killed Martha freakin' Stewart by sentencing her to lethal injection, but isn't higher because nothing is shown. Just the weirdest cameo tidbit through news footage.

38. Joan (Seed Of Chucky)

Assistant Joan rushes to the aid of Jennifer Tilly one night but ends up being a victim of Glenda (Glen's alter ego). He/She lights Joan on fire and sends her toppling over an elevated railing for a burnt, bone-breaking fall. Hope she was getting overtime.

37. Elliot Mattson (Child’s Play 2)

Before Greg Germann found fame through Ally McBeal, he was first taken hostage and forced to become Chucky's driver because of the gun stuck in his face. Little did Mattson know the weapon was just a squirt toy, but his hands had already been tied by a jump-rope by that time. Chuck disappears off-camera – maybe he found a soft side? Nah. A Good Guys plastic bag is pulled over Germann's head and it's all over.

36. Margaret Lorraine "Maggie" Peterson (Child’s Play)

Chucky's first victim, whose death we see through Chuck-O-Vision as Margaret falls from an apartment window onto a covered pickup truck below. But can we address how? Chucky strikes her with a Good Guys hammer forcibly enough to send her flying backwards, over a kitchen table – then PAST the table – and smashing through an unopened glass window? How strong is Chucky?!

35. Malcolm (Cult Of Chucky)

Mr. Wannabe Chucky gets the drill used on Nurse Ashley straight through his eye – from behind. We see the face-forward view of what has to be the longest drill bit known to man shooting through Malcolm's frontside.

34. Madeline (Cult Of Chucky)

Madeline suffers from delusions that Chucky is actually her baby. Breastfeeding, the whole nine yards – but then Chucky finds himself buried alive. He confronts Madeline and shoves his entire arm down the poor woman's throat, ripping something out. Her voice box? Something reddish? In any case, Madeline is found with a deadly mouthful of Chucky's detached arm.

33. Christopher Sullivan (Child’s Play 3)

Greedy Mr. Sullivan is celebrating his decision to put Good Guys back on the market with a glass of liquor and his office golf game. Too bad his idea also resurrects Chucky, who starts by tripping him with marbles. A toy car whizzes past his head while a remote helicopter crashes. Then as "Paulie" and "Larry" banter (new Good Guys), Chucky smacks Sullivan in the dome with his golf club. A dart hits his spine, paralyzing him, and another hits his hand (no more phone). It ends with strangulation by yo-yo. CHUCKY'S BACK FOR A THIRD TIME, JACK.

32. Britney Spears (Seed Of Chucky)

I mean, she had it coming? Don't drive like a maniac in your convertible – license plate BRITNEY1 – when the car in front of you is a Hummer driven by Chucky. He tells Glen to press the gas and they run Britney off the road. Kaboom! "Oops, I did it again." Touché, Seed Of Chucky.

31. Jennifer Tilly (Seed Of Chucky)

Tiff is obsessed with Jennifer Tilly, so she – in her doll form – performs Chucky's voodoo body-swap curse on the hospitalized star. It works, but right as Chucky puts an axe though Tiff's head. This means Tiff is fine in Jennifer's body, but unfortunately Ms. Tilly won't be attending any more auditions.

30. Barb Pierce (Curse Of Chucky)

Barb's price for exposing Chucky's stitched scars is being stabbed in the eye. Nica makes her way to the attic stairs, then Chucky rolls down the now-detached peeper. Barb's body follows shortly after, her head now with a gaping empty socket.

29. David Plummens (Bride Of Chucky)

At first, David is convinced Jesse and Jade are serial killers. Then Chucky and Tiff start talking to him. The shock is too much and he backs into highway traffic where a passing 18-wheeler eviscerates his squishy form. No remains.

28. Carlos (Cult Of Chucky)

Carlos avoids death for so long until opening the wrong door. He's drilled, cut up with a scalpel and sliced open with broken glass. Guts and gunk come pouring out of his stomach wound. This kill is magical if you've seen Cult Of Chucky because, well...triple team.

27. Redman (Seed Of Chucky)

Tiff has enough of Redman mistreating Jennifer Tilly, so she pops under the glass dinner table – allowing Redman to witness his own death – then slices his abdomen open, spilling some steamy intestines. Anyone else hungry?

26. Sergeant Botnick (Child’s Play 3)

Question not why a military academy hair stylist is cutting a toy's locks. Who cares? It lets Chucky slice a guy's throat open before a buzz can be administered. Botnick writhes around and falls back into his own chair right as Harold comes downstairs, after which Chucky gives a "Boo!" Cut to Harold fleeing.

25. Father Frank (Curse Of Chucky)

Father Frank unfortunately loses Chucky's game of rat poison roulette during dinner. He excuses himself, but crashes while trying to drive home. Officer Stanton peels away mangled car wreckage from the padre's neck to help, but Father Frank's head detaches backwards, falling next to his severed hand in the back seat (still clutching rosary beads).

24. Howard Fitzwater/Damien Blaylock (Bride of Chucky)

Alexis Arquette as a goth, death-obsessed poser who's suffocated by Frankenstein Chucky? Yup! "Damien Blaylock" hand/footcuffed to Tiff's bed. Chucky plopped on his stomach. Tiff prodding her knee-high boyfriend with insults and seductive dancing. Chucky's head turns Exorcist style and he rips Blaylock's lip ring out and smothers him with a pillow. Blaylock squirming, struggling for life while Tiff and Chucky have a heart to heart. So sweet!

23. Phil Simpson (Child’s Play 3)

Andy is hunting Chucky in the Simpson basement with an electric meat carver, but the possible weapon is a clever misdirection. Phil is instead killed while carefully walking down wooden stairs, when Chucky catches his leg with a steel harpoon-fishhook-thingy. Phil, face-to-face (while upside down) with Chucky. A snide "How's it hangin' Phil?" Andy's foster father is released and he breaks his neck upon floor impact.

22. Officer Robert Bailey (Bride Of Chucky)

Credit Officer Bailey with kickstarting Mancini's comical Child's Play movement. It's he who first steals Chucky's remains from a police evidence locker. It's also he who first gets his throat sliced by Tiffany (Jennifer Tully's first kill!) via a metal nail file. Bailey dangling out the driver's side door, Tiff tasting the blood slathered on her pseudo-blade.

21. Colonel Francis Cochran (Child’s Play 3)

I love this kill not because it's graphic, but because Chucky is so disappointed when the Colonel suffers a heart attack. Chucky pops from behind a nice mahogany desk with knife in hand, but before any stabbing can occur, the Colonel grabs around his ticker. "Oh, you gotta be fuckin' kidding me!" spouts Chucky, followed by the Colonel falling into a figurine diorama of war.

20. Dr. Foley (Cult Of Chucky)

Pervy Dr. Foley gets what's coming when Nica-but-not-really-Nica stomps his face to an unrecognizable indentation. Just some foot-steppin' brutality.

19. Claudia's Father (Seed of Chucky)

Seen through Glen's eyes, a robed man picks up an "ugly" doll (we are the doll). A knife reaches out that stabs the man, sending him backwards and through a wooden bannister, plummeting off a second floor walkway. Love how we go for the ride, though!

18. Short-Haired Chucky (Cult Of Chucky)

Cult Of Chucky wouldn't be complete without a Chucky death, and this one is a bit of catharsis for all-grown-up Andy Barclay. First, he rips the doll's stomach open, removes a gun he placed there and then pumps the Chucky clone full of lead. Then, for good measure, he stomps the Chucky's face into oblivion, doll blood splattering the otherwise white asylum cell.

17. Charles Lee Ray (Child’s Play)

The death that started it all. Charles Lee Ray, bleeding out in a toy shop. Officer Mike Norris looking to arrest the vile criminal. Then, just as Ray's human body is about to expire, he uses voodoo transference to possess one of the year's hottest toys. "GIVE ME THE POWER I BEG OF YOU!" Thunder. A lightning bolt strikes and the entire store explodes. Scorched toys left destroyed, Norris thinking Ray is toast...

16. Pete Peters (Seed Of Chucky)

John Waters plays a paparazzi photog who snaps pics of Chucky masturbating to a Fangoria magazine issue, so of course Chucky needs to deal with the situation. He's hoping to bond with Glen over a kill, which is exactly what happens – by accident. Glen is actually trying to help Pete, but instead scares him backwards into a rack holding chemicals like Sulfuric Acid. Down comes the deadly acid and off comes half of Pete's face, eaten away by the toxic liquid. Such a proud father and son moment, complete with a trophy picture!

15. Ms. Kettlewell (Child’s Play 2)

Ms. Kettlewell gives Andy detention (Chucky writes "Fuck you, Bitch" on Andy's assignment) and throws Chucky in the closet, only to be murdered horrendously for her actions. First, Chucky stabs her with a handheld air pump – one blast that shoots her backwards – then he beats her to death with a yardstick. TAKE THAT, HOMEWORK, TESTS AND EDUCATION!

14. Russ, Diane (Bride Of Chucky)

Russ and Diane retreat to their gold satin sheets to do the nasty, but Tiff interrupts. First, Diane catches a glimpse of the doll watching, then screams in horror as a bottle of champagne is thrown into their neon-rimmed overhead mirror. Shards rain down, puncturing their waterbed and sending a gush of bloody water upwards. So beautiful a sight that Chucky proclaims his love to Tiff and yup, cue the infamous Chucky sex scene.

13. Doll Tiffany "Tiff" Valentine (Bride Of Chucky)

Tiff gets a pretty brutal death in Bride Of Chucky that starts with Jade kicking the Martha-Stewart-obsessed housewife into their RV's oven. The whole camper explodes, but her charred body is recovered by Jesse – the nice guy. She realizes Chucky and herself are monsters and tries to end both their lives, but Chucky wins out by hitting her with a shovel then stabbing her. "My mother always told me love would set me free."

12. Claire (Cult Of Chucky)

Claire tries to throw Chucky away, but he bites her. Dr. Foley thinks the wound is self-inflicted, so he restrains Claire and sedates her in one of the experimentation rooms – with Chucky. Dr. Foley leaves and Chucky gets up. Claire's heart rate spikes. He grabs a canister of Compressed Oxygen and spikes it on the ground, rocketing upwards through a skylight window. Down comes a mix of fluffy white moonlit snow and glistening glass bits that cut Claire up...ending in decapitation. Her head rolls to Chucky. "Sometimes I scare myself!"

11. Chucky (Bride Of Chucky)

As Chucky deaths go, the gore-value here is minuscule, but the comedy is golden. Ignore the stab from Tiff because it barely factors. Start with Chucky being launched by a shovel swing that sticks him in his own grave. Chucky begins throwing a tantrum and beating the dirt walls like a child because he can't get out. Jade takes aim, and Chucky knows it's over. "I'll be back, I always come back! But dying is such a bitch..." Six shots later and the doll is lying "dead" next to the actual skeleton of Charles Lee Ray.

10. Chief Warren Kincaid (Bride Of Chucky)

Bride of Chucky has no shortage of hateable characters, but John Ritter's overprotective police chief tops the list. He's trying to plant drugs in Jesse's van, but instead catches a faceful of nails when Chucky triggers the airbag like some homemade automobile shotgun. Of course, Kincaid isn't actually killed until an impromptu wedding later on when Chucky stabs him to death for good measure. I guess the multiple puncture wounds weren't enough?

9. Chucky (Seed Of Chucky)

Glen gets his moment against mean-old dad, Karate Kid-style. First in a mano-y-mano martial arts battle, then by dismembering his pops piece by piece. Arms first. "You proud of me now, daddy?" Legs next. "Atta' boy," Chucky responds. Glen finally severs his father's head and leaves the mess bleeding from all openings.

8. Ian (Curse Of Chucky)

Ian, ever the skeptic, won't believe Nica until Chucky is standing over him. Ian is knocked level when Chucky uses Nica to ram him. Up goes the axe and down onto a screaming Ian it falls, severing his jaw and leaving his tongue dangling limp. A really nasty effect that even exposes some neck bone!

7. Toy Technician #2 (Child’s Play 2)

It's always sad when some hard-working schlub is brutally killed in slasher flicks. Take this technican. He's manning the late shift when Chucky, Andy and Kyle end up jamming the Good Guys factory assembly line. He clears the eye-presser machine, but then is sliced in the face by Chucky. He falls backwards, head then clamped so the machine can press fake eyes into his skull. DUDE JUST WANTED TO SUPPORT HIS FAMILY (PROBABLY, IN MY HEAD).

6. Tony Gardner (Seed Of Chucky)

Special effects designer Tony Gardner gets killed in his own movie, by the characters! First, he unscrews the battery pack on Tiff's back to reveal pulsating, muscly insides. Then Chucky flings a wire that wraps around his neck and into Tiff's hand on the other end. The two pull and off pops Mr. Gardner's head, leaving behind a decapitated stump expelling blood. Points for actress Jennifer Tilly walking in and playing with the head because at first she thinks it's a prop!

5. John “Dr. Death” Bishop (Child’s Play)

Chucky – the student – becomes an almost-master upon possessing his blue-overalled new form, but now he wants out. He confronts John – his teacher – and demands an escape incantation. John calls him an abomination and refuses to help, which doesn't sit well. Chucky takes out a voodoo doll of John, snaps his leg, breaks his arm, then knifes his heart after coaxing out the information he needs.

4. Human Tiffany "Tiff" Valentine (Bride Of Chucky)

The only thing worse than a woman scorned is a psychopathic reanimated doll scorned. When Chucky breaks out of Tiff's wooden playpen prison, he lunges to stab her during a bubble bath. Tiff kicks Chucky backwards, but then he pushes her television set (playing Bride Of Frankenstein) into the tub with her. She's electrocuted while Chucky watches (enjoying the floating spheres), and when the time is right, Mr. Lee Ray performs his voodoo magic to implant Tiff's soul into a wedding bride doll she used to tease Chucky. The beginning of a beautiful, deadly relationship!

3. Chucky (Child’s Play 3)

At the end of Child's Play 3, Tyler finds himself weaving in-and-out of operational carnival rides to ditch Chucky, the last of which is a rollercoaster with massive props. Add a gigantic Grim Reaper with a laughably-sized scythe that swipes downward and there you go: Chucky now has half a face. The killer doll now lookin' like Terminator. As Tyler tries to flee, a quick monster prop lifts him to the top of a skull-encrusted mountain, along with Chucky. So begins yet another attempt at Damballa soul transference for Charles Lee Ray, but instead of being the victim, Andy is the hero this time: he shoots and chops both of Chucky's hands right off. So long Chuck – he's thrown into the gigantic fan that chops him into a million pulpy pieces like some human food processor.

2. Chucky (Child’s Play)

"This is the end, friend." Well, not really, but to Andy, his words mark the first of many Chucky deaths. This one begins when Andy fires-up his apartment fireplace, which Chucky is able to eventually escape (after previously being shot by Mrs. Barclay). All the hair and most flammable parts burn first, leaving just gooey blackness and singed clothes. He's dead, right? Wrong! A tiny foot trips Andy while he's running and close-ups reveal Chucky's wire frame, now glistening where the rubber melted away. Mrs. Barclay steps up next and shoots the doll apart. First his head bounces backwards like a basketball, then his right arm, left foot. Two more to the back and the crawling mass of slop is left in pieces. And then Mike Norris' buffon partner almost gets killed by because CHUCKY STILL ISN'T DEAD.

He pops out from an air vent and starts strangling the goof, Chucky's decapitated head yelling instructions from afar. One more shot to the heart sprays blood on the bedroom curtains and sends the toy body flying backwards. Dourif's voice changes to the toy's original recording, as to signify victory.

1. Chucky (Child’s Play 2)

All hail Chucky's death in Child's Play 2. Even for a 3-foot-whatever rubber doll, the kill itself is gruesome beyond normal genre standards. It starts with a hand getting cut off, which Chucky replaces with a blade, Ash Williams-style. Then he's knocked backwards into a plastic tagger that presumably stabs his legs repeatedly while nailing him to another prototype's stand. This is important, because now he cannot escape being conveyor-belted into a box that attaches Good Guy appendages to torsos, spitting out an abstract artist's rendering of arms, legs, blue overalls and bloody discharge. Of course, we're not done yet.

Andy thinks he's safe until a legless Chucky wheels himself over on a dolly. Chucky stabs with his blade-hand, but gets stuck in a metal grate – right under a vat of melted rubber. Andy opens a valve that spits out the scalding beige goo all over Chucky. Kyle thinks the worst is over, but Chucky pops up again lookin' like Two-Face. One eye showing, his fake flesh dripping all over. Kyle finally sticks an air hose into Chucky's mouth that inflates him, Big Trouble In Little China-style, and he explodes like an anthropomorphic piñata.