'A Tale Of Two Coreys': Corey Haim And Corey Feldman Are Getting A Lifetime Biopic

Lifetime biopics have become a dime a dozen — especially those saturated in '80s or '90s nostalgia. But rarely do they tackle such a heavy topic as that of Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, and with the blessing of Feldman, no less.

A Tale of Two Coreys will follow the dark and troubled lives of '80s child stars and best friends Haim and Feldman, whose struggles with drug addiction and sexual abuse became one of Hollywood's more ominous cautionary tales. Haim lost his life at age 38 after decades of drug abuse, which reportedly stemmed from being raped at 11.

Haim and Feldman were rising stars when they starred in The Lost Boys together. The teen vampire movie shot both of them to fame and started a lifelong partnership and friendship, with the duo following up with '80s hits like License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream. However, their lives soon descended into infamy, plagued by many of the issues that child stars face: drugs, parties, rehab. The two of them separately went on to star in a string of direct-to-video and low-budget movies in the '90s, before reuniting in 2004 for a short-lived reality series The Two Coreys. However, the series was put on hold due to Haim's erratic on-set behavior. Shortly after the second season, Haim passed away.

In an interview with Yahoo, Feldman offered more information on the upcoming Lifetime biopic about him and Corey Haim (via MovieWeb):

"This is why my hands are tied. We actually have a Lifetime movie coming out that is about the two Coreys. Which I helped produce. To help lend some stuff to the story as well. I wouldn't say I'm the writer or director. It was done with some friends of mine. And I helped with some stuff so that it didn't stray too far from the truth. That is coming out, and I have given my commitment and my word to Corey's mother that I steer away from conversations that are about him."

After Haim's death, Feldman spoke publicly about Hollywood's "pedophilia problem" and fellow child star Elijah Wood further ignited the conversation. Feldman revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he and Haim were "passed around" a circle of Hollywood pedophiles, and that young actors were often groomed by powerful figures at Hollywood parties.

As Hollywood continues to grapple with revelations of sexual assault and harassment at the hands of powerful figures like Harvey Weinstein, could it give a larger platform to past victims like Haim and Feldman? That's yet to be seen, though the Lifetime biopic could likely be given more freedom to explore just that.

Feldman has played a large part in producing the movie of his and Haim's life, which will reportedly take place six years after Haim's death as Feldman reminisces on their rapid rise and tragic fall in Hollywood:

"It's a biopic. It's not straightforward, I didn't personally write it. But I had a hand in it. I wasn't personally available, I wasn't on the set. It was right when I was launching my tour when it was starting production. I can tell you that the kids chosen to play us are great kids. They are really great actors. And they really hit it on the mark. I think fans all over are going to be enamored to see these two kids. That said, I haven't seen the whole thing finished. I don't know how it turned out. It isn't coming out until next year. I do know it's in the editing room."

Feldman mentions the late Carrie Fisher as a person who plays a huge part in his life — and the biopic. Other recognizable names who appear in the Lifetime movie are Michael Jackson, played by Brandon HowardBurbs director Joe Dante played by Claude Knowlton, Tom Hanks played by Brian NolanLost Boys director Joel Schumacher played by Jay Disney, and various members of the Goonies cast, including Drew Shapiro as Kerri Green.

No set release date has been announced for A Tale of Two Coreys, but the movie is expected to premiere in early 2018.