The Dark Universe Lumbers On: Bill Condon Talks 'Bride Of Frankenstein' Remake

Boy, they're really still going to do this, huh?

After the less-than-kind reaction to The Mummy, featuring Tom Cruise and nothing even close to a coherent script, it seemed as if Universal's Dark Universe – an attempt to turn their classic Monsters characters into the stars of their own MCU – might be DOA. But apparently not! Like an undead creature, the Dark Universe lumbers on, in search of fresh blood. Bill Condon, who will helm the next film in the series, Bride of Frankenstein, revealed some new information regarding Universal's latest horror remakes. Read Bill Condon's Bride Of Frankenstein remake details below.

Of all the classic Universal monster movies, James Whale's Bride of Frankenstein may be the best of the bunch. A follow-up to Whale's own Frankenstein, Bride found Boris Karloff's monster seeking a mate, much to the chagrin of his maker, Dr. Frankenstein. Funny, subversive, and unlike any of the other monster movies Universal released, Bride has become highly regarded not just in horror circles but in cinephile circles everywhere. Which means it was only a matter of time before someone remade it!

That someone is Beauty and the Beast director Bill Condon, who will direct the next film in Universal's already troubled Dark Universe. Condon recently sat down with Forbes and discussed his new Bride of Frankenstein remake, revealing that he's currently in pre-production on the film. He spoke about how the film plans to start shooting early next year:

We start on February 1st, 2018 so it's the early days but just to be here in London, starting to see locations and to talk about sets that we're building, it's very exciting. For me, the James Whale movie is really right there in the pantheon for me. As you know, the Bride is a character who appears in the last five minutes and then is destroyed so it's a way to almost continue the movie that you imagine the movie he might have made the third Frankenstein movie but in 2018.

Condon also revealed he's working with the same crew who worked with him on Beauty and the Beast, saying "I've got the same team together that made Beauty and the Beast and we're building big sets and designing big set pieces, so it's a pretty big movie."

As of now, the only official casting for Condon's Bride of Frankenstein remake is Javier Bardem, who will be playing the Frankenstein Monster. Regarding rumors that Angelina Jolie might join the film, Condon had no definitive answer:

Not yet, no. Nothing is set yet. I think pretty soon but I think we're trying to figure that out now but obviously, pretty soon we're going to have to start really honing in on it. I'm not trying to be coy but I really shouldn't say.

As a fan of the classic Universal monster movies, I'll say the Dark Universe has potential, but it would be very wise for the future films to completely ignore whatever the hell it was The Mummy was doing and forge their own path. It would also be wise to treat them as horror films instead of action movies. As the mammoth box office of It proves, horror can still bring in the bucks.

Condon at least has some familiarity with the material. His 1998 film Gods and Monsters was a fictionalized portrait of the final days of Bride of Frankenstein director James Whale, played by Ian McKellen.

As of now, the Bride of Frankenstein remake is set for release February 14, 2019.