'Charlie's Angels' Reboot Wants Kristen Stewart And Lupita Nyong'o In Lead Roles

Charlie's Angels may be getting a punk-pop makeover. Elizabeth Banks' upcoming reboot of the action-comedy is reportedly eyeing indie favorite Kristen Stewart as well as Academy Award-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o for the lead roles.

The action series already received a campy modern reboot in the early 2000s with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu donning the wings, but it may be time for some new stars to take on the mantle first originated by Farrah Fawcett and her glorious feathered hair. Hopefully now set to a soundtrack of grungey indie rock or the whistling of a melancholic wind through drapes — whatever Kristen Stewart listens to.

charlie's angels reboot

Stewart, Nyong'o, and several other big names are being eyed to play the female detectives, and secret agents in Sony's Charlie's Angels reboot reports Variety.

Elizabeth Banks will be directing Charlie's Angels after making her directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2. Banks is the first female director to tackle the female-led franchise after Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts created the five-season TV series in 1976 and McG directed the 2000 reboot and its sequel — though star Drew Barrymore produced both modern films. Both films were major hits, scoring more than $250 million at the worldwide box office each.

Charlie's Angels was also briefly rebooted by Goff and Roberts as a TV series again in 2011 with Annie Ilonzeh, Minka Kelly, and Rachael Taylor in the lead roles, but that series was canceled after four episodes.

So maybe fourth time's the charm for Charlie's Angels, which could now be seeing a very different take with indie grunge queen Kristen Stewart reportedly being courted as the lead. Her stoic, aloof acting style is worlds away from Cameron Diaz's bubbly secret agent, and could potentially give Charlie's Angels a truly unique action hero. Don't let those Twilight credits fool you, Stewart has proven to be an astute actress in the indie world, and is just waiting for the right role to launch her back into mainstream adulation. She's had stumbles with her action blockbuster ventures (Snow White and the Huntsman), but she's become one of the most promising new actresses today.

And don't get me started on real-life Disney princess Lupita Nyong'o, whose talents have been mostly hidden behind motion-capture or animated characters. She'll soon get the big screen treatment she deserves in Black Panther, but a starring role in an action film is exactly what Nyong'o needs — she's got charisma coming out of her fingers, and it would be delightful to see her kick ass.

Sony has slated the Charlie's Angels reboot for a summer 2019 release.