Martin Scorsese Will Teach You How To Make Movies With MasterClass

There's a good chance you've seen online ads for MasterClass somewhere, where a famous person sits down in front of a camera and teaches you the art of their particular craft. There have been MasterClassses featuring Christina Aguilera, Kevin Spacey, Usher, Serena Williams, James Patterson, Dustin Hoffman, Werner Herzog, Shonda Rhimes, Steve Martin, and more. Now MasterClass have announced one of their most exciting instructors yet: Martin Scorsese. The acclaimed director will teach you all about the art of filmmaking starting in early 2018. More details about the Martin Scorsese MasterClass await you below.

MasterClass was founded in 2015, and operates under the principle that "everyone should have access to genius." The online education platform offers affordable online classes taught by world-renowned instructors, with each class offering a learning experience which including video lessons, interactive exercises, a series of course materials, peer interaction, and more.

Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking

Martin Scorsese, one of our very best living directors, has been making movies for more than fifty years. Movies like GoodFellas, Taxi DriverRaging BullThe Wolf of Wall StreetThe Departed and most recently, Silence. Few filmmakers have such a staggeringly impressive body of work as Scorsese, and to a film nerd like me, the prospect of learning something – anything – film related from the director is too good to pass up. I must have seen a dozen MasterClass ads before, but this is the first time I know for certain I'll be signing up.

Not only is Scorsese a great filmmaker, he's a great student of film. Quite simply, the man knows movies, and has devoted his life to not just making movies but also making people aware of other movies he's seen and loved – movies that many may not have even been aware of on their own.. His World Cinema Project, for instance, seeks to "preserve and present marginalized and infrequently screened films from regions generally ill equipped to preserve their own cinema history."

"I was excited by this project because it gave me a chance to pass down my own inspirations and experiences and practices and evolutions, not as a blueprint for how to make movies but as a guidepost, an offering to young people attempting to find their own way. It was so important for me to have people that passed down their own knowledge when I was young, and MasterClass has given me an opportunity to try it myself," said Scorsese.

"Scorsese is one of the most influential filmmakers of all-time, but he's also an eternal student. What makes him such a great teacher isn't just his mastery, but his love of learning. This is a once in a generation opportunity," addedCEO and Co-Founder of MasterClass David Rogier.

The MasterClass will feature 20-plus video lessons as well as an option to have Scorsese answer select student questions. The classes will be available in early 2018, but folks who pre-enroll will receive early access. More information can be found here.