New 'Rogue One' Scenes In The Comic Adaptation Flesh Out The Movie's Story

Rogue One notoriously had a long and arduous production that resulted in many of the scenes and subplots that appeared in its first trailer ending up on the cutting room floor. While the final film was well-received, the post-production recutting resulted in a sometimes disjointed narrative.

While we may never see what Gareth Edwards's original version of Rogue One with all of its deleted scenes not included on the film's Blu-ray release, the comic book adaptation of the Star Wars anthology film offers another solution to the missing plot points. The Rogue One comic book adaptation offers a detailed retelling of the film, along with new scenes that flesh out confusing plots or characters. And a handy video offers a summarization of all the scenes.

The Rogue One comic adaptation is a six-issue miniseries written by Jody Houser and drawn by Emilio Laiso. Other artists who worked on the adaptation are Oscar Bazaldua, Fernando Blanco, and Paolo Villanelli with the main covers drawn by Phil Noto. The final issue of the comic book series was published last week, and reveals details that the movie missed.

The Star Wars Explained YouTube channel neatly summarizes all the scenes included in the comic issues, filling out the vague motivations of the characters in the movie.

Here are some of the scenes that Star Wars Explained speaks about:

  • A conversation between Galen Erso and Bodhi in which Galen convinces him to defect. We get a glimpse of his defection to Saw Gerrera's Partisans as well.
  • Jyn's cellmate in Wobani threatens her life.
  • Bail Organa and Mon Mothma discuss finding proof of the Death Star's existence.
  • A glimpse into Bodhi's mind during Bor Gullet's interrogation. The interrogation seems to be the cause of his later temporary insanity.
  • Saw's death, in which the last words he utters are "Steela," a character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • More of Galen and his engineers.
  • Bodhi and K-2S0 discuss their similarities as Imperials who switched over to the Rebellion.
  • Mon Mothma offers Jyn her sympathies for her father's death.
  • Admiral Raddus decides to join the fight to help Rogue One.
  • K-2S0 and the droid he hacks have a dialogue.

There are also more Jyn and Saw flashbacks sprinkled throughout, more instances of the "dark" deeds that the Rebels committed, and a cameo from The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels.

However, we don't get more insight into the cut scenes featured in the trailer, in which we see Jyn facing a TIE fighter with a blaster at the top of the transmission tower and the rest of the Rogue One crew running across the beach with the plans under Imperial fire, don't seem included in this adaptations. That may be part of a version that may never see the light of day, thanks to the heavy reshoots and recuts that the film underwent, as overseen by Lucasfilm and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy.

Though we may never get Edwards' initial version of Rogue One on Blu-ray, at least there are convenient compilations of all the missing scenes.

Correction: This article previously mislabeled the new scenes from the comic book adaptation of Rogue One as deleted scenes from the movie. They were original scenes created by writer Jody Hauser for the comic adaptation.