'Will And Grace' Revival First Look: Still Very Much The Same, With More Fox News Jokes

Will and Grace have made a miraculous comeback, and it's all thanks to a "Get Out the Vote" sketch. No one was expecting a late '90s/early 2000s sitcom about two gay guys and their straight girlfriends to be so relevant in 2017, but a hop, skip, and a Fox News joke later, and we're as timely as you can get!

The first look at the Will and Grace revival teased new footage from the series return on NBC this month, interspersed with some footage from the good old days when '90s TV was slightly grainier, and the world was a little less terrible. At least Jack has Grindr now.

Watch the new Will and Grace trailer below.

Current jokes about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce, Newt Gingrich, and Fox News aside, it feels like Will and Grace never left. The preview features scenes updated for this time period, like the foursome playing Heads Up with a phone app for game night.

"He's a man, but he has aged into a lesbian," challenges Will (Eric McCormack).

"Steven Tyler! Jon Voight! Newt Gingrich!" Debra Messing's Grace guesses, acing it on the last one.

More of your usual jokes from Jack about Will being an old, middle-aged lady, Karen jamming to a song on her headphones only revealing it to be Fox News, and Will's obvious meta-joke:  "All the other times we've done this, we thought it would be different, but we knew it would be exactly the same."

It's on the nose, but it gets to the point: Despite updating for the modern era with a few jokes and a refurbished kitchenWill and Grace still feels comfortably the same — and that's good. I was a casual fan of Will and Grace back in the day — though I admit, I didn't get a lot of the "queen" jokes — and the tone and characterization is so spot on that it would seem like the sitcom was created in this decade. This benefits Will and Grace as one of the first series in NBC's planned slate of revivals, as it proves that many of these classic comedies can be updated for modern times. Though it may also be a case of lightning in a bottle, as Will and Grace feels much more adaptable to today's climate than Arrested Development's awkward revival ever did.

Plus, look at all the Grindr jokes you can make.

Will and Grace premieres Thursday, September 28, 2017 at 9 pm ET on NBC.