Two New 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Vehicles Unveiled, And The First Order Gets More Firepower

Not long ago, we learned that Star Wars: The Last Jedi's petulant villain Kylo Ren will have a new ride in the upcoming film in the form of a ship called the TIE Silencer. Today, we've learned about two more brand new vehicles that will appear in writer/director Rian Johnson's upcoming sequel – and they'll both be utilized by The First Order. That's bad news for our trusty band of galactic heroes. Take a look at these new Star Wars The Last Jedi vehicles below.

On today's episode of The Star Wars Show, Lucasfilm's officially-produced web series, the hosts announced two new vehicles that will appear in The Last Jedi. You can watch the full video below, but I'll break down the relevant parts for you underneath:

Again, that is coming from an official source, so you can consider that information canonical. Let's dive into everything we know about these new vehicles.

Star Wars The Last Jedi - AT-M6


First up is the AT-M6 walker, which stands for "All-Terrain Megacaliber Six." The Megacaliber Six name comes from the laser cannon of that designation that's on its back. The hosts describe it as "way bigger than a standard AT-AT." Sharp-eyed fans will know that we've actually seen these already in some footage from The Last Jedi: these are the what Finn and his team are flying toward on the new planet of Crait.

Star Wars The Last Jedi - AT-M6

Back in April, we'd heard that these machines were called "First Order Assault Walkers" and that they were massive – much taller than traditional AT-ATs and maybe even double the width. Initial reports indicated that they would have reinforced legs (the better to protect against ropes from clever pilots who might weave underneath them), and the design was described as being similar to "pissed off gorillas." That aligns with the host's description of the vehicle's "simian-like gait" – notice how this thing almost has feet when compared to the stiffer, straighter legs of the AT-AT.

Star Wars The Last Jedi - First Order Dreadnought

Next up is the First Order Dreadnought, "a mandatory four-class warship" equipped with two huge orbital auto cannons underneath it for heavy battle situations.

Star Wars The Last Jedi - First Order Dreadnought

And the image above isn't joking when they say it's "really big" – this thing 7,669.72 meters long. Compare that to the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, which is only 1,600 meters long, and you'll see that The First Order has gotten some much-needed upgrades. And we still don't know the specs of the rumored Mega Star Destroyer, which may be even bigger than that. (Update: Our own Ethan Anderton just floated the theory to me that the First Order Dreadnought may actually be the Mega Star Destroyer, so that's also a possibility.) We better wish Finn, Poe, Rose, Rey, and the rest of our heroes good luck, because it sounds like they'll need it.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15, 2017.