Seth Rogen Shares 'Superbad' Trivia On The Film's 10th Anniversary

It's hard to believe, but yesterday marked the tenth anniversary of the theatrical release of Greg Mottola's Superbad, the high school comedy that launched the careers of up-and-coming actors like Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, and Emma Stone.

To celebrate the occasion, Seth Rogen – who co-wrote the movie with Evan Goldberg and co-starred as Officer Michaels – took to Twitter to share some Superbad trivia with fans, revealing the inspirations for many of the movie's funniest scenes and drawing a strange connection between the film and the MTV reality show Jersey Shore.

Rogen, who has an entertaining Twitter presence, devoted some time yesterday to sharing Superbad trivia, much of which I'd never heard before:

First up, keep your eyes peeled for someone in the background that would soon become a recognizable name in Hollywood:

I tried to find a high quality version of that scene on YouTube (spoiler alert: I failed), but you can barely see McBride in this screenshot:

While looking for a better quality photo, I stumbled across a different section of that scene and noticed another soon-to-be-more-famous actor also appears: Clark Duke, who went on to be in Kick-Ass, Hot Tub Time Machine, The Office, and the new Showtime comedy I'm Dying Up Here. Check him out:

One of the film's jokes came from an unexpected source:

If you watched Jersey Shore (or hell, even if you didn't), you probably remember the phrase "D.T.F" making its way into the cultural lexicon, and Rogen confirmed that even though Jersey Shore popularized it, they first heard it in this scene in Superbad:

And before he sent a majority of these tweets, Rogen answered some questions from fans and let us know his favorite part of the film, whether they were sober while making it, and how a Bill Hader improv resulted in one of the movie's most memorable song choices:

Happy anniversary, Superbad.