Does Lucasfilm's 'Han Solo' Movie Crew Shirt Reveal The Film's Official Title?

We're still just over six months away from the release of Rian Johnson's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but Star Wars fans are an eager bunch and are actively hunting down any information they can get about Lucasfilm's next film after that. Specifically, Phil Lord and Chris Miller's still-officially-untitled young Han Solo movie that features Alden Ehrenreich taking over the role from Harrison Ford. You know the old saying: fandom's gonna fan.

Today, one of the crew members of the Han Solo film supplied fandom with something new to discuss. This person shared a photo of the movie's official crew T-shirt, which raises the question: has the official title of this movie just been revealed?

MakingStarWars got its hands on two photos – one of the front of the crew shirt, and another of the back:

That "we shot first" line is pretty great considering the legacy of the character they're tackling in this film, as is the blaster forming the "L" in "Solo." But what are the chances that Star Wars: Solo is actually the real, final title of the movie? Maybe not as high as you'd think.

When J.J. Abrams was filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it was still going by its Episode VII title. That ended up being the name that appeared on that film's crew shirts (as seen in the photo below).

Episode VII crew stuff

There are plenty of alternate crew T-shirts across Star Wars history (some of which you can find here), so the idea that the Solo shirt above means the title leaked ahead of time seems fairly unlikely. There's also the fact that the Star Wars brain trust has said they're going to use the A Star Wars Story moniker to differentiate between the traditional saga movies (i.e., the key films that primarily detail the adventures of the Skywalker family) and movies like Rogue One, which are the spin-offs set in the same universe.

Personally, I think the words "Han" and "Solo" will both be in the real title because he's one of the most iconic characters in movie history and practically everyone knows that name, so why not capitalize on it? But I guess I could see a situation where they think the popularity of the name is so high that they don't even need to use the character's first name in the title.

But just for discussion's sake, pretend for a moment that somehow the Lucasfilm marketing machine wasn't prepared for this contingency and got scooped by one of their own people about the movie's title. Pretend Star Wars: Solo is the real title for Lord and Miller's upcoming origin story. What do you think about it? Do you like the simplicity? Would you prefer something with a bit more mystery to it? Let us know below.