Explore 'Game Of Thrones' And 'The Mist' In Two New Featurettes

In many ways, HBO's Game of Thrones and Spike's upcoming take on Stephen King's The Mist couldn't be more different. One is a mega-popular fantasy series that's about to enter its home stretch of episodes, while the other is a nascent adaptation that's just preparing to take its first steps. But hey, here's at least one way they're similar: they both recently released behind-the-scenes featurettes promoting their new seasons. Check them out below.

Game of Thrones featurette

Here's a new look at some of our favorite Game of Thrones characters as they prepare for the inevitable Great War in season 7. HBO has been known to keep their share of secrets when it comes to this show, but while the focus of this video ("A Story in Cloth") is on Michele Clapton's always-stellar costume design, we do also see some quick flashes of a red-clad Dany (Emilia Clarke) on her Dragonstone throne, Samwell Tarly (John Bradley-West) in the libraries of Oldtown's citadel, Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) pacing inside her newly painted map room inside King's Landing's Red Keep, Ayra Stark (Maisie Williams) on horseback in the North, and many more. Designing costumes is one of those aspects of filmmaking that I often admittedly undervalue – especially for a fantasy property as reliant on them as Game of Thrones. This video serves as a nice reminder not to take these gorgeous, intricately detailed garments for granted.

Game of Thrones season 7 premieres on July 16, 2017.

The Mist featurette

While we all know exactly what we're in for with a new season of Game of Thrones (dragons, carnage, political backstabbing, sex, the usual), this video promoting The Mist is much more about setting expectations for people who grew up with King's novella (on which this show is loosely based) or those who loved the 2007 Frank Darabont movie. There's a new incarnation of the story's classic villain here, but the show's creator/showrunner Christian Torpe calls his series a "weird cousin" to the movie or the original story, one that incorporates some similar elements and keeps the essence of the tale but "is sort of its own beast." Speaking of beasts: don't be too surprised if some gnarly creatures emerge from the mist and start consuming cast members left and right.

Now that I think about it, maybe this show actually has more in common with Game of Thrones than I thought.

The Mist debuts on June 22, 2017.