Watch This: 'Doctor B' - A Short Documentary About A Professional Yo-Yoer

After directing The Primary Instinct in 2014, I wanted to shift my focus to smaller scale projects. While The Primary Instinct was a tiny film to begin with, it still required many months of planning and over $50,000 to produce. So I tried finding stories from sources all around me, that I could film myself with a very small crew (if any).

In my search, I stumbled upon the world of professional yo-yoers, who compete annually in Seattle at the Pacific Northwest Regional Yo-Yo Championships. What drove these people to master the yo-yo? What did they get out of it? What was it like to be a winner, vs. someone who just competed for the love of the game? I tried to tackle some of these questions in a short documentary I made called Doctor B. You can watch it after the jump.

Here's an official plot summary for the film:

Professional yo-yoer Jonathan Best (AKA Doctor B) returns to one of the largest yo-yo championships in America, meeting and competing against a younger generation.

This film was shot using a Canon C100 (Mark I) and a Canon 5D Mark III. I'm grateful to One Drop Yo-Yos for introducing me to Jonathan, and to Joanny Cause for taking all my footage and editing it into something coherent in less than a week.