The Weekend Read: A Week Of 'Wonder Woman,' Critics Vs. 'Pirates,' & The Future Of Theme Parks

The Weekend Read compiles all of the /Film original features published in the past week. In this week's line-up of reviews, lists, editorials and more, find a week's worth of Wonder Woman articles from female writers, reviews of this week's biggest TV shows (including American Gods, Twin Peaks, Fargo, Bloodline, and Silicon Valley), a rant about how critics can't kill blockbuster at the box office, and a deep look at a theme park future where you don't have to wait in line.

Wonder Woman Week

Kristin Hunt wrote about the failed 1974 Wonder Woman TV movie and how it exposes what makes the character getting her completely wrong.

Is Wonder Woman a victory for all women or just some of them? Candice Frederick explores this question.

Here are 10 great comics books women (and men!) inspired by Wonder Woman should check out, as compiled by Vanessa Bogart.

Dalin Rowell paired a bunch of awesome female directors with the comic book they should adapt for the big screen.

Monique Jones wrote about Wonder Woman's complex relationship with women of color and how we can all do better.


Wonder Woman is a very good (and very traditional) superhero movie, says Karen Han.

The final season of Bloodline concluded on a messy note and Jack Giroux picked through the pieces of Netflix's late drama.

It may not be a movie, but it certainly feels like one: Vanessa Bogart has many kinds words for the new Friday the 13th video game.

The new season of Twin Peaks keeps on getting odder and Ben Pearson is here to help us figure it out.

What was the most awkward moment on this week's Silicon Valley? Alex Riviello investigates.

Crispin Glover made his debut on American Gods and it was glorious. Vanessa Bogart has the details.

It was a rough week for just about everyone on Fargo and Jack Giroux went through the grimy details.

Columns and Regular Features

In the latest edition of the The Best Movies You've Never Seen, Rob Hunter took on the best female butt kickers whose movies you may have missed.

The /Film staff came together to write about their favorite kick-ass ladies from the movies in this week's edition of /Answers.

Josh Spiegel climbs to the top of The Soapbox to explain how critics are not responsible for movies bombing at the box office and it's pure idiocy to suggest otherwise.

In /Response, /Film readers shared their favorite female badasses from the movies.

With the new Cardboard Cinema, Jacob Hall wonders if the new board game based on The Godfather will actually feel like the movie at all.

Interviews and Deep Dives

Is Universal Studios paving the way for the theme parks of the future? Peter Sciretta visited their new attractions and took a deep dive.

Here is everything Angie Han learned while visiting the set of Baby Driver last year.

The Cars 3 writers admitted to Ethan Anderton that they try not to think too much about the weirdness of the Cars world.

Courtesy of Angie Han, an interview with Edgar Wright from the set of his new movie, Baby Driver.