Cool Stuff: Mike Mitchell's Rocket & Groot Treehugger Vinyl Figure From Mondo

Mondo has given us the exclusive premiere of their newest vinyl figure release. Based on Mike Mitchell's Rocket & Groot: Treehugger poster from the "Just Like Us" series, the vinyl figure features two favorites from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. You can get a better look at the figure and learn about the Mondo exclusive version (which will be available for pre-order today) below.Lil Mikey vinyl figure

One of their first collectibles Mondo produced was the Lil Mikey vinyl figure (seen above), based on another piece from artist Mike Mitchell's "Just Like Us" poster series. Now, several years (and many collectibles) later, Mondo is continuing Mike Mitchell's line with the Rocket & Groot: Treehugger vinyl figure set, based on his San Diego Comic Con exclusive print from years earlier. Everyone loved that print when it was released and now Mondo is releasing a 3D recreation of it to live on your shelf.

The Rocket & Groot Treehugger vinyl figure will be released in two different versions, with the Mondo exclusive version including a Baby Groot mini figure designed by Mike Mitchell. The regular version of the Rocket & Groot: Treehugger Vinyl Figure will sell for a suggested retail price of $60. Here's the official description from Mondo:

Based on Mike Mitchell's adorable Treehugger art print in his Just Like Us series, this vinyl figure set recreates Rocket and Groot's embrace, showing that whether you're a tree or a raccoon, friendship and family is all that matters.

Mondo Rocket and Groot treehugger vinyl figure mondo exclusive

The Mondo exclusive version of the Rocket & Groot: Treehugger vinyl figure will sell for $65 direct from Mondo's website, and is available for pre-order starting today. The vinyl figure will be produced in PVC, stands approximately 9 inches tell, and will ship in the fourth quarter of 2017. The figure was created by Mondo in partnership with Unbox Industries, Willem-Paul Van Overbruggen, and original artist Mike Mitchell. You'll be able to pre-order it today, so keep an eye on that link if you want to buy one!

treehugger by mike Mitchell