'The Gifted' TV Spot: Sentinels, Mutant Powers, And The Offspring Of A Certain Movie Character

In case you forgot The Gifted was happening, here's another trailer for the Fox show centering around an "ordinary" family who discover that their two teen kids have mutant abilities. The Strucker family, led by True Blood's Stephen Moyer and Joss Whedon regular Amy Acker (Angel, Dollhouse, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), go on the run, joining a cabal of underground mutants who are hunted by the Sentinels.

The 30-second TV spot is all about the chase, and gives some hints about a certain offspring of a certain magnetic-powered X-Men villain.

Unlike the last full-length trailer, which focused on the normal life of the Struckers and their troubled teen kids Andy (Percy Hynes White) and Lauren (Natalie Alyn Lind), we get a closer look at the underground community of mutants that they turn to for help in the new TV spot for The Gifted.

These include Blink (Jamie Chung, taking over the role from X-Men: Days of Future Past's Fan Bingbing) — who looks to be the leather-jacketed mutant in the image at the top of this article — Thunderbird (Blair Redford), and Eclipse (Sean Teale). We get a glimpse of Magneto's daughter Polaris (Emma Dumont) in a plastic prison like the one used to imprison her father, who Eclipse is searching for with the potential help of the Struckers.

We also get a peek at The Gifted's version of the new version of the Sentinels, the mutant-hunting robots that appeared in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Here, they look like spindly arachnid-like robots that grab onto the legs of one running mutant in the spot. It's another connection to the big screen X-Men cinematic universe — which showrunner Matt Nix has confirmed it takes place in.

Here's the full synopsis of The Gifted:

Reed and Caitlin are two normal suburban parents whose lives get thrown into chaos when they discover that their children possess mutant powers in THE GIFTED.

Teens Lauren and Andy are involved in an incident at their high school which reveals their mutual powers to the world, forcing their parents to flee their old lives in order to protect their children. The Strucker family goes on the run from the government agency the Sentinel Services, which includes Agent Jace Turner, who is determined to protect the rest of the population from mutants. And things are made even more complicated by the fact that Reed is a prosecutor in the district attorney's office tasked with going after mutants, which is why his children hid their powers from him for as long as possible.

But with the family on the run, their only hope comes in the form of an underground network that helps mutants in trouble — and it's full of mutants dealing with their own issues.

The Gifted will premiere on Fox this fall, airing on Mondays.