Cool Stuff: Eric Tan's Jungle Book Letterpress And Byron Howard's Summer In Zootopia

Cyclops Print Works is releasing two cool print releases today: Summer in Zootopia by Byron Howard, the director of Zootopia as well as Eric Tan's Jungle Book letterpress. Cyclops Print Works has given us the exclusive debut of both of these new prints. Hit the jump to see the pieces and find out how you can own one or both of these.

summer in zootopia by Byron Howard

Cyclops Print Works Print #40: Summer in Zootopia by Byron Howard

Size: 18" x 24"

Technique: Serigraph | 23 Colors

Edition Size: Limited Edition of 200

Features: Hand-Signed & Numbered | Varnish | Authenticity Seal

Paper: Strongstuff 320 gsm

Printed by: Eclipse Workshop

Officially Licensed by Disney

eric tan jungle book letterpress

Cyclops Print Works Print #L01: Lazy River Day by Eric Tan

Size: 14"x 11"

Technique: Letterpress

Edition Size: Limited Edition of 195

Features: Hand-Signed & Numbered | Hand-Deckled Edges | Authenticity Seal

Paper: Pearl Letra

Printed by: Papermum Press

Officially Licensed by Disney


Byron Howard's Summer in Zootopia art was originally featured on the Zootopia page last year. Cyclops got permission to turn it into a serigraph, which ended up being a whopping 23 colors!

The printing process for Zootopia is really quite interesting. Eclipse Workshop first printed 6 different greys and then overprinted colors on top of it to get it to match the original – which would be well over 30 colors without the overprinting process. They had to experiment quite a few times to achieve the desired results. Each piece is also hand-signed by Byron Howard.

So if you want to own a piece of Zootopia art created and signed by the director, this may be your only chance!

Eric Tan's Jungle Book Letterpress made its debut at Wondercon months back, and the online release will coincide with the Zootopia release today. Both pieces will be available on Friday May 5 at 12 PM PDT at