VOTD: Watch 'Star Wars' Fan Adam Scott Get Surprised By Mark Hamill

Actor Adam Scott appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (which was guest hosted by Kirsten Bell). Since it was Star Wars Day (May the 4th), he told the story of how he was obsessed with Star Wars as a kid and invited Mark Hamill to his birthday party, but he never showed up. The late night show took the opportunity to surprise the Parks and Recreation star with Luke Skywalker himself and I think the short three-minute video is worth watching.

And for those of you who never saw the original segment, here is Adam Scott telling Jimmy Kimmel the story in an appearance on the show a year ago:

And here is the Twitter exchange that Scott references during the segment:

Mark Hamill has been on a roll surprising Star Wars fans. Earlier this week, Force For A Change released a video of Mark Hamill surprising Star Wars megafans at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017: