Video: Wacky Theory Suggests Pixar's 'Cars' Are Biological Creatures Evolved From The Bugs In 'A Bug's Life'

We've talked before about the weird world of Pixar's Cars. The universe is filled with sentient automobiles, with no humans in sight. We have birds that look like planes and bugs that look like tiny VW Beatles with wings. It's madness!

But are the cars in Cars really just automobiles? A new theory suggests that there is more to these amorphized vehicles than meets the eye (and we are not talking about Transformers).

The YouTube channel The Film Theorists have come up with this brand new and ridiculous Pixar theory that I thought we should indulge. The theory suggests that the cars in Cars are actually living beings with biological innards protected by a Car-like exoskeleton. They present a bunch of evidence sprinkled throughout the Cars films, such as:

They breathe oxygen. iIn the opening of Cars 2, we see Finn McMissile put on an underwater respirator in order to swim out of sight of a criminal syndicate. Later in that same movie, we see cars eating and drinking. On the plane to Japan, we see snack foods littered around the floor, things like chips and sushi. And again, at the party, more sushi at the bar and of course the infamous pistachio ice cream bit. A scene tells us that Mater knows what pistachios are, what ice cream is, [and that he] has tested it and enjoyed it. And sure, we see them drinking varieties of oil and gas, presumably to power their engines, but why would they actually need to ingest food products if they were organic in some way?

The video also mentions that one of the Cars Toons short films show Lightning McQueen getting a case of the hiccups, further prooving that the Cars probably have biological innards.

So if the Cars characters are biological creatures, what does this mean? Are they aliens? Could this be more like Transformers than we initially thought?

The video tries to float the theory that the Cars are actually an evolved form of insect. And in the end, the video proposes that the Cars movies fit into the Pixar theory as an evolution of the world of A Bug's Life. Remember, those talking walking bugs lived in a world featuring remnants of a human society which seemed to be nowhere in sight. Now, I've always found the Pixar theory to be fun but stupid, and I guess this works within it about as much as the theory suggesting that the Cars are autonomous vehicles that have risen against (and destroyed?) the human race.