Watch: M. Night Shyamalan's Unmade 'Tales From The Crypt' Promos

M. Night Shyamalan is enjoying something of a career resurgence right now. His last two films (The Visit and Split) did well critically and commercially, his TV drama Wayward Pines was well received, and his Unbreakable looks like it might finally get that long-awaited sequel.

Next up on his to-do list for this year was supposed to be Tales from the Crypt, a resurrection of the classic anthology horror series, but rights issues might be keeping that one six feet under for the time being. For whatever it's worth, TNT has insisted we'll see the show eventually. While we wait, though, a couple of videos have surfaced to give us a little taste of what Shyamalan's got in store. Hit the jump to take a look at the Tales From the Crypt promos.

Bloody Disgusting dug up the Tales from the Crypt promo videos. One appears to be a proof-of-concept pitch, piecing together footage from other shows and movies (everything from Unfriended to The Cell to Paranormal Activity to Shyamalan's own The Happening). It's an effectively creepy montage, even if a lot of the imagery is familiar. Meanwhile, Shyamalan gushes about what the show means to him:

Tales from the Crypt was always kind of a forbidden fruit of my childhood. It was edgy. I think it was ahead of its time. This dark, ironic tone is probably the thing that draws me to this source material and really where I am as a storyteller.What if we did an evening of television, the gateway to all the best genre TV. You can do drama, humor, a reality show for half an hour, a ten-minute short. You're going to sit with us the whole evening, a destination for the highest level of storytelling. The Cryptkeeper is definitely going to be a part of the evening. Someone that draws us in, like the dark Walt Disney. This is like candy for me.

The other video seems more like an actual promo for the series, and shows a janitor mopping with his headphones on, initially oblivious to a shadowy figure banging its head outside on the glass. The mysterious whatever-it-is eventually shatters the window and makes its way into the hallway. It's a disturbing image and fits nicely with the accompanying text: "Some tales just won't get out of your head." You can watch the first video here and the second one here.

Shyamalan has been developing the new Tales From the Crypt for over a year, and TNT gave it an official full-season order last spring. The show plans to combine original standalone and serialized plots, comic book storylines, and even crowdsourced ideas into an anthology drama to air sometime in 2017. However, TNT and TBS president Kevin Reilly has acknowledged that the rights for Tales From a Crypt were "a disaster" (for example, HBO owns the Crypt Keeper), and recently there have been rumblings that legal issues are tying up the series.