Cool Stuff: Silicon Valley Funko Pops, Remote Control Mouse Droid, Aliens M56 Prop Replica And More

In today's edition of Cool Stuff, we take a look at some new Storytime art prints from JoeBot, Silicon Valley Funko Pop figures, a remote control Star Wars Mouse Droid which is only available in Disney theme parks, a Ghostbusters Zuul 1:10 Art Scale Statue, Star Wars opening crawl infinity scarves, Funko Playmobile figures which includes Back to the Future and Doctor Who, a 1:6 scale Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, a Aliens M56 Smart Gun 1:1 Prop Replica and more.


New Storytime Prints

Joey Spiotto (aka JoeBot) has released some new Storytime prints, available on his Etsy store for $20 each.

Silicon Valley Funko Pop Vinyls

HBO has teamed with Funko to produce a series Funko Pop! Vinyls for the Emmy-winning and Golden Globe-nominated show Silicon Valley. Collect Richard, founder of the buzzy start-up Pied Piper; Erlich, owner of Hacker Hostel that serves as Pied Piper HQ; Dinesh, the company's code writer; Gilfoyle, the systems architect; and Jared, head of business development! The figures will be released this Spring.

Remote Control Mouse Droid

You can now buy a remote control Mouse Droid from Star Wars at Disney theme parks. The above park exclusive was spotted for $55 at Walt Disney World.

Star Wars Opening Crawl Infinity Sca

Star Wars Opening Crawl Infinity Scarves

If you are going to wear an infinity scarf, why not wear one with the Star Wars opening crawl on it? Due out this May, these scarves will retail for around $20. Preorder them now on Amazon.

Ghostbusters Zuul 1:10 Art Scale Statue

Ghostbusters Zuul 1:10 Art Scale Statue

Iron Studios has released a 1:10 scale statue of Zuul from the original Ghostbusters movie. T

his Ghostbusters Zuul 1:10 Art Scale Statue is not a look that suits Dana Barrett. Featuring an impressively detailed sculpt of the frightening Terror Dog, this limited edition polystone collectible has been hand-painted and measures approximately 8 3/4-inches long x 8 1/4-inches wide x 5 1/4-inches tall.

Available for $150.

Funko Playmobile Figures

Funko is venturing out from their Pop Vinyls into other areas of cute toys. The Funko Playmobil figures are 6" figures featuring popular pop culture hits such as Back to the Future, Willy Wonka, Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Doctor Who.


Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix Albus Dumbledore 1:6 Scale Action Figure

Star Ace Toys is producing this Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix Albus Dumbledore 1:6 Scale Action Figure.

The collectible measures approximately 12-inches tall, with 30 points of articulation and a fully realized, authentic likeness of Michael Gambon as Albus Dumbledore in the movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. With an accurate facial expression and detailed skin texture, the head sculpt is specially hand painted and includes rooted hair and a sculpted beard. Albus comes with 5 pairs of interchangeable hands, a beautifully detailed cloth costume, and accessories like his glasses, the Sword of Gryffindor, and the Elder Wand. In addition, there's a figure stand with a waist clip, and a great hall podium complete with 8 LED light-up candles to really set the mood!

For preorder now for $269.99. It will ship in May.

Aliens M56 Smart Gun 1:1 Prop Replica

Hollywood Collectibles Group is releasing a replica of the M56 Smartgun from the movie Aliens. The 10mm General Purpose automatic Squad Support Weapon was used by the US Colonial Marines in the film. "With an effective range of 1500 yards, it is equipped with a motion-sensitive infrared tracking system, capable of autonomous and accurate targeting of moving objects." Measuring 48" in length and weighing in at 15lbs, this detailed replica is modeled after the Smartgun carried by all round badass Pt Vasquez. It comes complete with a separate, themed tabletop display stand and a high quality 24" x 16" print of the Smartgun blueprints and specs sheet.

Only 150 pieces are being made in this edition, which will be released in the second quarter of 2017. Available for preorder for $1199.95.