'Power Rangers' Reboot First Look: Goldar Gets Golder

All the Power Rangers characters have been given shiny new makeovers for their next big-screen outing, from the Rangers themselves to Rita Repulsa to Alpha 5. Today it's Goldar's turn, as a new commercial reveals what Rita's classic henchman will look like in the upcoming film. Here's a hint: they are really running with the "gold" part of his name. Get your Power Rangers Goldar first look below. 

Our first look at Goldar was revealed in a commercial for Power Rangers toys. While it's not footage from the movie, the toy designs are clearly modeled after the film. So Goldar is going to look more or less like this:

Well, no one is ever going to fault this Goldar for not being gold enough. He looks like someone took the classic Goldar and drowned him in nacho cheese. There is nothing about him that is not gold. He is so gold he seems to be dripping gold. I am positive that were we to slice him open, his blood and internal organs would also be the same shade of brassy yellow. That's how gold he is. He is so gold, you guys. So, so very gold. To paraphrase This Is Spinal Tap, it's like, how much more gold can Goldar be? The answer is none. None more gold.

According to Nerdist, there is a reason Goldar looks like this. And no, it's not because the designers were really tired and decided, "Screw it, just make him gold and let's go home." (Be warned that what follows might be considered spoiler-y.) According to their sources, Goldar has been "vaporized into a cloud of microscopic gold particles" and Rita Repulsa needs to collect gold to resurrect Goldar. It's apparently one tiny part of a very complicated-sounding plan to take over the world.

Power Rangers is in theaters March 24, 2017.

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