Lin-Manuel Miranda Wants To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe As Carnage

It sometimes feels like every working actor in existence has been in a superhero movie already, but technically that's not true. There are plenty of actors who've only thought about being in superhero movies. Like Lin-Manuel Miranda, the certified genius behind Hamilton. While he hasn't signed on for any Marvel or DC projects just yet, he's apparently given some thought to which character he'd like to play, if given the chance. And surprisingly, it's a villainous one: the Spider-Man baddie Carnage

In the latest episode of Meet the Movie Press (via MCU Exchange), Simon Thompson talked about a recent interview he did with Miranda:

[Miranda] is a big fan of Marvel. And there is one particular character that he would actually like to play. It's Carnage. He said if Disney and Marvel were looking at doing a Maximum Carnage movie or bringing Carnage in [the MCU] as a character, he wants to be Carnage. Genuinely as a fan, he would love to play Carnage. That's a goal of his.

Typically, when an actor makes noises about wanting to play one super-character or another, it's just that — noise. There's a massive leap between wishful thinking and actually clinching the part. But in Miranda's case, it's worth pointing out he's pretty well connected within the Disney empire. He contributed to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack, wrote music for Moana, is set to star in Mary Poppins Returns, and will help out with the soundtrack for the live-action Little Mermaid.

That's not to say Disney will just roll over and give Miranda whatever part he wants. And it's worth pointing out that Marvel and Sony haven't actually announced any plans to bring Carnage into the MCU just yet. But if Marvel decides to go in that direction, it seems plausible they'd at least consider him. Especially since, even aside from his Disney relationship, he's the kind of hugely talented household name that any project would be lucky to snag.

Carnage seems like kind of an unexpected choice for Miranda, who's built his celebrity persona on being, basically, the nicest guy alive. He's incredibly endearing and earnest in interviews, and his Twitter feed is a reliable source of positivity and encouragement. He's essentially like a smaller version of his Moana colleague The Rock, in that way. But maybe that's why he wants a chance to get in touch with his inner villain. Even the sweetest people have a dark side.