'Logan' Trailer: Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Goes Out With A Bang [UPDATED With Red-Band Trailer]

Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine for the past 16 years. To give you a sense of just how long that is, he's been in that role before the Marvel Cinematic Universe was even a twinkle in Disney's eye. He's lasted through two different Batmen, two different Supermen, and three different Spider-Men. Heck, he even managed to stay on when his own franchise rebooted itself with X-Men: First Class.

But everything's gotta come to an end sometime. Next year brings Jackman's next and last performance as the mutant superhero, in the Wolverine solo movie Logan. Directed by James Mangold, the new movie sees Wolverine as we've never seen him before: as an old and ailing man. The first Logan trailer has just arrived, and you can watch it below.

UPDATE: The Logan red-band trailer is also here, and you can watch it below. 

Logan Trailer

Johnny Cash's "Hurt" seems like a rather obvious soundtrack choice for a movie that's all about how our main character is hurting, but I can't say it's not appropriate. Otherwise, this looks damn good, with a broken-down Western vibe that really suits the character. It appears just as dark as Mangold has promised — remember, this one is going for an R rating — but in a way that suits the story, not in a way that seems like it's going violent and twisted just for the sake of it. And there's a surprising amount of emotion, though Johnny Cash probably deserves a good chunk of the credit for that.

Besides Jackman as Wolverine, Logan also stars Patrick Stewart as Professor X, whose powers are going haywire; Boyd Holbrook as Donald Price, the villainous head of security for Transigen; Dafne Keen* as Laura, a young mutant with powers similar to Logan's; Stephen Merchant as Caliban, another mutant who helps care for the professor; and Richard E. Grant as Zander Rice, a Transigen scientist.

(* We previously misidentified the actress playing Laura as Sienna Novikov. Hat tip to Omega Underground and Empire for the heads up.)

Logan opens March 3, 2017.