Video: Meet The Baybuster: Michael Bay's Insane 'Mad Max'-Stlye Batmobile For Car Stunts

We've previously shown you The Bayhem, a custom RED camera that was created for director Michael Bay. Today we want to introduce you to the Baybuster, a custom car rig created for the filmmaker that allows him to get crazy car flips. If Michael Bay had his own tricked out Mad Max-style Batmobile, the Baybuster would be it. Hit the jump to watch some videos showing the Baybuster in action.

The Baybuster Being Used On Transformers: The Last Knight

A new behind the scenes video from Transformers: The Last Knight shows us footage of the Baybuster, a custom stunt-car rig that has a scoop on the front end which allows them to capture insane car flips during Michael Bay's signature car chases. What you see here is an evolved design of something that was created for the filmmaker for Michael Bay's 2003 film Bad Boys II. You can see a video about it from the special features below:

Bad Boys II has one of the most insane car chase sequences ever captured on film, and the Baybuster is credited with helping bring it to life.

The crew has lovingly referred to the custom car rig the "Baybuster" and it has since been used on Michael Bay's other films.

Sidenote: Hilariously, Urban Dictionary has a very different definition for "Baybuster":

A movie that has a lot of hype and will make a lot of money but it totally forgettable. Like most of Micheal Bays movies. Example: "Batman v Superman will be a total Baybuster."