A Ton Of New 'Jurassic World' Behind-The-Scenes Footage Finds Life Online

What's the point of showing up on a talk show if you don't have a movie, tv show or music album to promote? It seems like almost everything these days is timed for the sole purpose of spiking the social shares and trying to create an explosion of buzz in the real world. Movie promotion usually comes in two waves, with the release of a film theatrically, and then later around the home video release. After that, we usually don't see more material from a film because film studios believe there isn't a point. But now in the world of cinematic universes and not just franchises but brands that stretch into the far reaches, maybe they see a reason?

I recently discovered that Universal Pictures has been updating the Jurassic Park youtube account with new content on almost a daily basis. The new content is anything from featurettes that originally appeared on the home video release, to behind the scenes b-roll footage, to rough-cut dailies, previs and more. Now I know you might not be as big of a fan of Jurassic World as I am, but I think you might be able to find some enjoyment in the wealth of content that has been released. I've always found it frustrating how much footage is captured during the making of a film, yet only a small percentage of it makes it to the home video release. I hope more movie studios can learn from this.

Hit the jump to check out some of the highlights from the Jurassic World behind the scenes footage.

Jurassic World Behind the Scenes Footage

Final Battle (Behind the Scenes): Behind the scenes footage from the filming of the climactic sequence.

Jurassic World All Access Pass: This featurette was originally included on the Jurassic World blu-ray. It includes interviews with the cast and crew along with some behind the scenes footage.

Making Mosasaurus Sound: How the sound of the Mosasaurus was created

Acting With Raptor Puppets: See how the actors performed opposite puppet Raptors.

From Art To Park: From concept art to feature film. Comparing concept drawings vs. how they appeared in Jurassic World.

Building the Boardwalk/Main Street: footage from the construction of Jurassic World's main street boardwalk.

Jimmy Fallon Gyrosphere: Behind the scenes look at the filming of the Jimmy Fallon Gyrosphere video that was used in the movie.

Main Street Attack (Behind the Scenes): Behind the scenes b-roll footage from this sequence.

Making The Sound: How the sound of Jurassic World was created.

Creating The Dinosaurs of Jurassic World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16IdMStn1Ng

Building The Creation Lab: A timelapse of the construction of the creation lab set.

Gyrosphere (Behind the Scenes): Behind the scenes b-roll footage from the Gyrosphere sequence filming.

Props and Animals: Go behind the scenes with the prop creators and animal wranglers of Jurassic World.

Final Battle Previs: This si the previsualization that was created to help them imagine and film the final battle sequence.

Chris Pratt Interviews Colin Trevorrow: The star interviews his director for the junket.

And here are a few of the dailies released:

Head on over to the official Jurassic Park youtube page to see even more videos. It seems like they've been uploading footage on a regular basis, so there is probably even more to come.