'American Horror Story' Season Six Theme Revealed

After months of waiting, fans of American Horror Story finally learned what season six of the anthology series is about. The latest season of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk's show is titled American Horror Story: Roanoke, and it's inspired by shows like Unsolved Mysteries and other programs featuring interviews and reenactments. Season six is, as some guessed, related to the mystery of the Roanoke Colony.

Below, learn more about the American Horror Story season six theme.

American Horror Story Season Six Theme?

Chapter 1 begins with Shelby Miller (Lily Rabe) being interviewed for the TV show My Roanoke Nightmare. She explains how a tragic incident led her and her husband Matt (Andre Holland) to a decaying house in North Carolina. In reenactments, Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. play Shelby and Matt. Starting over doesn't go according to plan, as the couple's new home is haunted. Soon after they arrive, teeth fall from the sky. Then, all alone, Shelby is attacked out of nowhere in a jacuzzi. The real Shelby and Matt recount their experience, to mixed results; the interviews often interrupt the pacing and scares.

Fans were quick to speculate each new episode this season would feature new interview subjects and new stories, but that's not the case. The preview for next week's episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke shows they're sticking with Shelby, Matt, and Matt's troubled sister-in-law, Lee (Adina Porter, with Angela Bassett playing the reenactor).

Here's a look at next week's episode of American Horror Story:

FX made a variety of teasers misdirecting fans, although they might not be as misleading as we thought, some people quickly predicted the Roanoke connection from the teasers and early set photos. In season one of American Horror Story, there was actually a reference to the Roanoke Colony, where, in 1590, 117 people vanished. The disappearance remains a mystery, but there have been theories over the years, which The Wrap did a good job of writing about:

According to a New York Times report from last year, recent archeological finds have led some to believe that at least some of the Roanoke colonists may have assimilated into nearby Native American tribes. English artifacts such as flintlocks and food jars were found at sites populated by Native Americans. Even as recently as this past June, archeologists continue to find new artifacts from the lost colony on Roanoke Island. Still, historians don't have a clear answer as to what happened to the colony.

Series regulars Evan PetersCheyenne Jackson, and last season's addition to the series' large ensemble, and last season's addition to the series' large ensemble, Lady Gaga, will soon appear on this season of American Horror Story. Gaga is seen briefly in the above preview, but you'll have to pause it to get a decent look at her role (via Elite Daily). So far, American Horror Story: Roanoke is struggling with its new format, but at least fans now know what to expect from season six.

American Horror Story airs on FX on Wednesdays at 10 p.m.