LOL: 'Rogue Binks' Trailer Gives Everyone's Favorite Gungan The Spotlight

For many fans, the appeal of Rogue One is that it looks more somber than your typical Star Wars adventure. Gone are the idealistic young heroes and noble Jedi; here are a bunch of veterans and troublemakers who've seen some shit. The tone feels more akin to a gritty war drama than a fanciful space opera, and even the famously uncoordinated Stormtroopers look like a real threat this time out.

But while Rogue One looks intense, it doesn't exactly strike terror into the hearts of fans. No, if Rogue One really wanted to send a chill down our spines, it'd call in the franchise's most notorious hero. Rogue Binks unveils a version of Rogue One starring everyone's favorite Gungan general, with special appearances by Chewbacca Mom, Holiday Special Leia, Ewok warriors, and George Lucas. Now that is some truly harrowing stuff. Watch the Rogue Binks trailer below. 

After his disastrous introduction in The Phantom Menace, Jar Jar mostly receded into the background for Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. But he continues to cast a large shadow over the franchise, serving as an eternal reminder that even Star Wars isn't perfect, and that when it goes wrong it really goes wrong. And while it's easy to hate on the prequels, the Rogue Binks trailer reminds us that the series' missteps go beyond giving Jar Jar a key role. We get horrifying footage of Lucas saying, "Jar Jar is the key to all of this," and a cringeworthy snippet of Leia singing the Life Day song in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Rogue Binks was put together by Murdock Motion, who previously cut a Jar Jar-centric version of the Force Awakens trailer. Kudos to him, because someone's gotta do it (I guess?), but I do not envy him the many hours he must spend looking at scenes of Jar Jar.