'Ready Player One' Set Features References To Gremlins, A DC Superhero, And More

In Ernest Cline's "Ready Player One," there are several references to director Steven Spielberg's body of work, including many of the famous films he produced in the 1980s. In one part of the book, for example, Wade Watts/Parzival (Tye Sheridan) is driving a DeLorean in the OASIS — which is one reference Spielberg intends on keeping in his adaptation. He's currently shooting Ready Player One, and a few of the sci-fi adventure movie's references have been spotted on the set.

Below, check out some set photos showing a few Ready Player One references.

Ready Player One stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke (Samantha Evelyn Cook/Art3mis), Ben Mendelsohn (Nolan Sorrento), Simon Pegg (Ogden Morrow), T.J. Miller (iR0k), Win Morisaki (Daito), Philip Zhao (Shoto), and playing the man responsible for the OASIS (a massive virtual reality) is Mark Rylance (James Halliday). After James Halliday, who was raised in the 1980s, passes away, the heir to his company and fortune will be the winner of his massive, seemingly impossible-to-win Easter egg hunt within the OASIS, mostly involving movie references and challenges you expect from a video game.

One Spielberg-produced movie that'll be referenced in the film for sure, at least in the background, is Gremlins. Here's a spraypainted Gizmo and more from the set of Ready Player One (set pics from Twitter user Michelle Green):

Since most of the world becomes obsessed with the '80s after James Halliday's death, it's hard to say if this set is a part of our crumbling future or the OASIS, although you'd have to imagine graffiti in the OASIS would be bigger and more in-your-face than what we see in these photos.

As for what other references to expect from Ready Player One, Spielberg said not to too many nods to his work:

I think we were pretty awesome in the '80s. I hope the movie returns all of us to the awesomeness of the '80s. I love the '80s. I think one of the reasons I decided to make the movie was that it brought me back to the '80s and lets me do anything I want, except for with my own movies. I've cut most of my movies out of [Ernest Cline's] book. Except for the DeLorean and a couple of other things that I had something to do with, I cut a lot of my own references out of the '80s. I was very happy to see there was enough without me that made the '80s a great time to grow up.

What else he decided to keep, besides the DeLorean, some fans are likely curious about. In the book, there's a joke made about Wade Watts' disliking the Indiana Jones sequels made after the original trilogy, but a jokey reference like that might too tongue-in-cheek for Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One.

Ready Player One opens in theaters March 30th, 2018.