'Ghostbusters' - What Did You Think?

We've been talking about the new Ghostbusters for so long, it's almost hard to believe it's actually here. The conversation around this movie has become deafening over the past few months, with haters and defenders alike arguing over a movie no one had actually seen. Now that it's finally here, we can all judge it for ourselves. And at least here at /Film, reactions have already been mixed — I enjoyed it quite a bit, while Peter was more disappointed. So now it's your turn to weigh in: what did you think?

Be warned that MAJOR SPOILERS are ahead and in the comments. And as a courtesy to your fellow /Film readers: we know the arguments surrounding Ghostbusters have gotten heated. Please be civil while discussing the movie here. 

For better or for worse, Feig's film is a hard reboot, rather than a sequel, of the previous Ghostbusters films. That choice gives him more leeway to carve out his own space, but may also make the callbacks to the original film feel more forced. Personally, my favorite cameo wasn't actually a cameo at all — it was the bust of Harold Ramis. /Film's Jack Giroux got the details from screenwriter Katie Dippold about how that lovely homage came together, and you can read all about that right here.

The new cast members make big impressions, but fans of Bridesmaids may be surprised to learn that Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are essentially the straight women here. The Melissa-McCarthy-in-Bridesmaids-style breakout of Ghostbusters looks likely to be Kate McKinnon, who plays the possibly gay Jillian Holtzmann. Her colorful, quirky schtick might not be for everyone (Peter was not a fan), but there's no question she stands out the most. McKinnon's Saturday Night Live co-star Leslie Jones brings a lot of personality to her role as well, and Chris Hemsworth shows serious comedy chops as the Ghostbusters' well-meaning but dim-witted receptionist.

Feig has several very good comedies under his belt already, so it's no surprise Ghostbusters has plenty of laughs. (I am still giggling about "Michael Hat" over here.) But it's shakier as a blockbuster. The ghost designs are interesting, and there are some genuinely creepy moments like the mannequin chase scene backstage at the concert venue. The 3D is also surprisingly good, which makes all the action more fun. But the plot is full of holes (it's clear some key scenes were edited out, as that is the only way to explain what Michael Kenneth Williams is doing in this movie), and the third act devolves into the same kind of CG-heavy city-destroying battle we've seen a million times before.

All right, now it's your turn. What did you think of Ghostbusters?