Now You See Me 2 Clips Fight For Your Trust

I've been itching to see Now You See Me 2 since I screened the first 15 minutes of the film at CinemaCon and a bomb scare in the theater somehow made the rest of the movie disappear. The trailers are compelling, although the CG-ness of some of the illusions still has me hesitant. Lionsgate has released two new clips from the upcoming magic heist sequel. Watch them now after the jump and tell me if they make you any more excited for the Jon Chu-directed thriller.

Now You See Me 2 Clips

The first clip features Dave Franco's character Jack Wilder explaining to Lizzy Caplan's character Lula why he has problems with relationships. Of course, the scene doesn't play out how you might expect and further makes me suspect that there may be a lot more to Lula than we're being told in the marketing.

The second clip features Jesse Eisenberg's character J. Daniel Atlas being roughed up by Daniel Radcliffe's Walter, which leads to a magic-fueled escape sequence with Mark Ruffalo's character Dylan Rhodes, in what looks to be Chinatown.

Okay, these two new clips are probably not enough to convince you to see this sequel if you weren't already interested. And the escape scene isn't quite as exciting of as cleverly integrated with illusion as the Dave Franco/Mark Ruffalo scene from the original film. The choice of Lionsgate releasing these clips is strange. I understand they want to tease some romance, and the fight/escape isn't exciting enough but I guess it features a showdown with the film's main stars. I'm still excited to see this film none the less.

And if you're into magic, or just playing cards, you might want to head over to Theory11 and not just because they are the place to go for that kind of stuff but also they have released a limited edition deck of Now You See Me 2 playing cards. The production worked with Theory11 on the magic in the movie and their Monarch cards are seen all over the film.

You haven't seen anything yet. Now You See Me 2 hits Theaters on June 10th 2016. The film was directed by Con Chu and stars Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Lizzy Caplan, Daniel Radcliffe, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Caine.