Well, Obviously: 'Supergirl' To Cross Over With 'The Flash', 'Arrow', And 'Legends Of Tomorrow' On The CW

It came as no huge surprise when CBS announced Supergirl would be flying over to The CW for its second season. The series has always seemed like it'd be more at home on The CW anyway, where it'd be surrounded by other DC dramas like ArrowThe Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. And now that Kara's arrived, The CW is more than ready to bring her into the fold with the rest of its heroes.

The CW has announced Supergirl will be part of this fall's annual CW DC crossover event, along with ArrowThe Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, making it the "biggest one ever." And while it's way too early for any footage from said crossover, The CW is eager to promote Supergirl as part of its growing superhero lineup. Watch the Supergirl The CW teaser announcement below. 

Under most circumstances, a series not performing well enough to get renewed on its original network would be cause for concern. But Supergirl seems like such a great fit for The CW, it feels more like cause for celebration. And that's definitely how The CW is trying to spin it. Here's the first Supergirl The CW teaser, which is heavy on footage from that SupergirlThe Flash crossover that took place on CBS this past spring.

And here's a longer trailer touting The CW's stable of superheroes.

During this week's upfront presentation, The CW president Mark Pedowitz talked up the next great CW DC crossover. "Next season, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and now Supergirl will join forces in our annual crossover event, our biggest ever," he said. The superhero crossover episode has been a CW tradition since 2013, when Grant Gustin's Barry Allen made his debut on Arrow before going on to anchor his own show, The Flash. The characters reunited in 2014 and then again in 2015, this time bringing in characters from Legends of Tomorrow (which had not yet premiered).

Details on just how this year's epic crossover will go down remain under wraps, so until then feel free to fantasize and speculate. Me, I'm holding out hope for a musical episode that'll let The Flash's Gustin and Supergirl's Melissa Benoist — both Glee alums — show off their pipes. Heck, let's also bring in the cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend while we're at it. It's the least Supergirl can do for replacing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in the Monday night timeslot, thus relegating it to Fridays.