Cool Stuff: Check Out These Limited Edition Prints For 'The Nice Guys,' 'The Twilight Zone,' And 'Pinocchio'

Shane Black's newest film, The Nice Guys, opens in theaters this weekend. Black's third directorial effort is opening up against Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising and Angry Birds, a sequel and an animated feature based on a video game. The Nice Guys is one of the few original studio films coming out this summer, but that's not the only reason to go out and support Black's picture. It has everything you want from the writer and director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: two charismatic leading men, genuine heart, some unexpected turns, and plenty of jokes that pay off wonderfully. The Nice Guys is simply top-notch R-rated entertainment. Make sure to see it this weekend, and then, if you're a fan of the film, maybe you'll still even have time to purchase The Nice Guys Mondo poster.

Check out prints for Shane Black's buddy comedy, The Twilight Zone, and Pinocchio below.

The Nice Guys Mondo poster comes from artist Matthew Woodson, who did a very nice job capturing the bright and colorful Los Angeles depicted in the film and the key traits of the two leads, Holland March (Ryan Gossling) and Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe).Nice Guys mondo

Starting May 19th, the poster will be made available on Mondo's website, where they're also currently selling a rather cool print for Silent Running.

"To Serve Man" is one of the many classic episodes of The Twilight Zone. Written by Rod Serling, it features one of the most unforgettable (and incredibly funny) twists, which these posters below reference playfully. Dark Hall Mansion has just unveiled these officially licensed limited edition prints made by Orlando Arocena, Patrick Connan, and Kaz Oomori. This Friday, they'll go on sale starting at 12:30 PM (PST).


Artist: Patrick Connan

18" x 24"

Giclee print

$65The Twilight Zone 1


Artist: Orlando Arocena

18" x 24"

Giclee print


The Twilight Zone 2

You can check out the print done by Kaz Oomori at the Dark Hall Mansion's website. As aforementioned, there's a Silent Running poster available at Mondotees made by artist Kilian Eng, who also designed a lovely print for Pinocchio, set in Geppetto's workshop. Tomorrow at 12 p.m. PST, the poster, based on the classic Disney animated feature, will go on sale at Cyclops Print Works.

Artist: Kilian Eng

Size: 20" X 30"

Technique: Serigraph | 19 colors

Edition Size: Limited Edition of 185

Pinocchio posterOh My Disney ran the first look at the poster. The outlet also interviewed Eng, and he discussed with them how the poster evolved:

The first step was to come up with the concept. After watching the film I decided to suggest to James over at Cyclops Print Works to present Geppetto's workshop, in the moment just before Pinocchio comes to life. He liked the idea so I presented a sketch and sent over to give him a feel of the colors and composition. The sketch was approved very quickly, as I remember.

After that I started on the original. First I drew the outlines. I often drawn a small portion of the print very detailed early on and then color it to get a good reference point for the rest. The biggest challenge was to get the right feel for all the puppets and other creations in the scene. As I mentioned earlier, I studied screenshots for the film and through learning how they looked I could make my interpretations without being too far from the original designs.

The coloring changed a couple of times through the process, but I really wanted the piece to be colorful, fun to look at, and a bit mysterious as well. I'm hoping it can be one of those pieces that you find something new in even after you have looked at it a couple of times.

Eng captures the sense of magic found in the original Disney classic with this gorgeous print, and his attention-to-detail is striking. I imagine the artist is correct — that every time you look at this print, you might discover something new. The artist chose this particular setting from the film because he often tries to capture the "interesting environments that also feel relevant to the narrative."