'Mr. Robot' Season Two Trailer: It's Time To Change The World

Mr. Robot returns to USA in less than two months. The Sam Esmail-created drama was a hit with both audiences and critics, and season two left the door open just wide enough with some mysteries that'll keep fans coming back for more. Season one of Mr. Robot ended with a major surprise, which, based on the last trailer we saw, we'll see explored further in the upcoming season of the acclaimed drama.

Below, watch the Mr. Robot season two trailer (spoilers for season one ahead).

Elliot (Rami Malek) blacked out during the fosicety hack. He has no memory of where he was or what he did during those three days. Esmail–who directed all ten episodes of season two–will answer that question soon, in addition to delving into more backstory and making the timeline "a little clearer."

After the successful hack, where does that leave fsociety? Is E Corp still a threat? Do they have a new target? You won't find many answers in this trailer for Mr. Robot season two:

We see only a tiny bit of Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallstrom) and his wife Joanna (Stephanie Corneliussen, now a series regular) in the trailer, with the possible exception of one brief shot you can't miss, featuring Joanna tied to her bed. Their motives, especially Joanna's, are still a little unclear, but Esmail has stated that season two will provide viewers with a broader sense of their plans.

If the final shot of the trailer is any indication, Elliot's relationship with Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) has intensified significantly. In the season finale, we discovered, along with Elliot, that Mr. Robot is the ghost of his father. The reveal wasn't shocking to everybody watching the show, but even if you saw the twist coming, at least it made for an emotionally satisfying payoff. The scene between Malek and Slater at the cemetery was, without question, one of season one's most compelling and heartfelt moments.

Lastly–and this is just a theory–but Esmail has described Mr. Robot as The Hulk to Elliot's Bruce Banner, and I'm now wondering if Mr. Robot, who has a tendency of handling stressful situations for Elliot, had anything to do with those three days he blacked out. Maybe an incident occurred that led to Mr. Robot taking over his son's brilliant but fragile mind, and maybe we don't know the full extent of what Mr. Robot is capable of yet.

Mr. Robot season two will return to USA on July 13th.