What Are Steven Spielberg's Favorite Superhero Movies?

I think we all like reading and watching interviews with legendary filmmakers discussing how they brought some of the most iconic movies to the big screen. But for me, I love to hear the rarer occasions when a legendary filmmaker will just sit down and talk movies like the rest of us. At the Cannes Film Festival premiere of his new film The BFG (read the early buzz here), Steven Spielberg was asked what his favorite comic book blockbusters are, and his answer may surprise you. Find out what Steven Spielberg's favorite superhero movies are, after the jump.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 logo

Here is the response from director Steven Spielberg thanks to the Brazilian movie website Omelete. Please note the following quote was reported in Portuguese on their website, and has been translated to English and cleaned up for your reading pleasure.

I like Richard Donner's Superman, The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan, and the first Iron Man, but the superhero film that impressed me most is one that does not take itself too seriously: Guardians of the Galaxy. When the projection was over, I left with the feeling of having seen something new in movies, without any cynicism or fear of being dark when needed.

While I can definitely think of superhero movies which I think are better than Spielberg's choice (Marvel's recent Captain America: Civil War being one of them), Guardians of the Galaxy still remains my favorite superhero movie to watch and I've seen it countless times (like Force Awakens, it's insanely rewatchable). Spielberg continued to talk about how he identifies less with superhero movies and more with stories of real-life heroes.

There is a difference between heroes and superheroes. The hero is an ordinary person who is faced with a serious fact and acts to modify it. A hero is a person who, walking down the street, see a car on fire and runs to help the person who is in the driver's seat, attached to the seat belt, to loosen it. A superhero is a person who, on the same scene, would fly to the car and try to turn it upside down and shake it using his super strength until the driver is released. I identify more with the first example. Film everyday heroes."

You can definitely get the sense that Spielberg has no interest in making a superhero movie any time soon. In the past Spielberg drew controversy by saying that be believed that the superhero movie craze would die, just like the Western. Those comments have drawn responses from Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice director Zack Snyder.