Director Josh Boone Confirms He's Still Working On The 'Interview With The Vampire' Reboot

Almost two years ago, Universal renewed the rights for Anne Rice's 13-part Vampire Chronicles books. News broke that Brian Grazer would produce The Vampire Lestat for Imagine Entertainment with Alex KurtzmanRoberto Orci, and Bobby Cohen. A week or so later after the announcement, The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone entered early talks to write and direct the film. We haven't heard much about the adaptation since, but Boone just provided an update on the project's status, which is currently titled Interview with the Vampire.

Learn more about the Interview with the Vampire reboot below.

Grazer, Kurtzman, and Orci all agreed Boone was the right director for The Vampire Lestat, but they had to wait for Universal's final approval, and the studio ultimately gave Boone the go-ahead. It was speculated Boone and Jill Killington's script would use elements from Rice's books The Vampire Lestat and Queen of the Damned, but based on a recent Instagram post of the director's, his potential adaptation instead cherry picks from The Vampire Lestat and Interview with the Vampire.

Boone confirmed a draft of the script is now complete:

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Elements from Queen of the Damned – which was turned into an unforgettably terrible adaptation in 2002 — could still find their way into Interview with the Vampire. While speaking with Nightmare Magazine, Boone mentioned his adaptation would draw from other books in the series:

We're really focusing on "The Vampire Lestat", but we're using elements from some of the other books as well. These were hugely inspiring books when I was young. They really helped shape me the same way Steve [King]'s books did. Anne is a genius, fiercely intelligent. Obviously, I'm attached to direct that one as well, and I'm writing it with my other Mid-World cohort Jill Killington, who [my production partner] Knate [Lee] and I have known half our lives.

The director's docket is quite full at the moment. Boone is currently working on two Stephen King films, including Revival and another (long-awaited) adaptation of The Stand. Boone added to Nightmare Magazine that, like The StandInterview with the Vampire will probably take quite a while to get made:

With any of these projects that are so big and expensive like Vampire Chronicles or The Stand, it'll probably take a couple of years for any of these things to come together and actually get made just because of how expensive it is to bring these properties to the screen and how complicated the adaptation process is. We have a vision for a trilogy of Vampire Chronicles films, and I hope also a spinoff television series to explore all the side characters and their back stories. That's the dream. We'll see what happens.

The filmmaker is also currently working on The New Mutants for 20th Century Fox. We'll just have to wait and see which one of his promising and ambitious projects moves forward first. Nothing against the X-Men universe, but hopefully, it's The Stand or Interview with the Vampire.