'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Title Confirmed, Logo Released [CinemaCon 2016]

UPDATE: At CinemaCon, Tom Holland confirmed that the title of the upcoming Spider-Man solo movie would be Spider-Man: Homecoming, adding that "it really is a homecoming" for the character. Sony's Tom Rothman said the title was "obviously" a high school reference, so it seems to fit with the John Hughes vibe we've heard about before. Holland says that throughout the story Peter Parker is really trying to find where he belongs. Check out the logo below:

Sony has released the official logo for the film:

Spider-Man Homecoming

Our original story from April 4, 2016 follows.

Marvel and Sony have worked hard to keep their Spider-Man reboot plans under wraps, refusing to even reveal the webslinger's new costume until the very last moments of the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer. Still, keeping secrets from a hungry fandom is no easy feat in this day and age, and some internet sleuthing may have uncovered one key detail about the new film: its title. Find out what it might be and what it could mean after the jump.

The BBC reports that Sony has registered the domain named SpiderManHomecomingTheMovie.com, suggesting the name of the film could be Spider-Man: Homecoming or something similar. Keep in mind Sony and Marvel haven't officially announced or confirmed anything about the Spider-Man title, so this could just turn out to be a red herring. Maybe it's not what it looks like, or maybe it's just one of several names they're considering. On the other hand, this is exactly how the internet figured out that Bond 23 would be called Skyfall.

As for what that title means, "Homecoming" could refer to Amazing Spider-Man #252. Published in 1984, that comic book storyline features the black suit that will become known as Venom, as well as appearances from Avengers like Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. If the new Spider-Man movie is indeed based on that arc, it could explain rumors that Captain America and Iron Man will be swinging by Spidey's solo movie. And for what it's worth, Marvel's Kevin Feige has confirmed that the Sony-Marvel deal allows not just Spider-Man (whose rights are held by Sony) to appear in Marvel movies, but also for Marvel characters to appear in Spider-Man movies.

Then again, director Jon Watts and his team aren't obligated to stay faithful to the original comics, or even follow them at all, really. We already know the new Spider-Man will be kind of like a John Hughes movie, with more emphasis on his high school experience than we've seen in films past, so maybe "Homecoming" just refers to the homecoming dance or something like that.

We should point out, also, that the Spider-Man: Homecoming title could also be set aside for one of Sony's other Spidey-inspired projects, including the animated Spider-Man movie due out in 2018, or the Venom standalone being cooked up by screenwriter Dante Harper and producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach. Neither project is envisioned as belonging in the same universe as Holland's live-action Spider-Man, who is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe — though depending on how things go, we wouldn't be surprised to see Holland's Spider-Man and Venom cross paths at some point.

In other words, we know Sony has its eye on the title Homecoming... we're just not sure why. Feel free to speculate in the comments, and in the meantime we'll all keep an eye out for anything that combines the words "Spider-Man" and "Homecoming."

The Spider-Man reboot, whatever it ends up being called, is due out July 7, 2017. But first, Holland will make his big-screen debut as Spider-Man (a.k.a. Underoos!) in Captain America: Civil War on May 6, 2016.