The New Spider-Man Costume: What Do You Think?

A new trailer for Captain America: Civil War has finally revealed Marvel Studios' version of Spider-Man. This isn't the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire Spider-Man, or the more recent Marc Webb/Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man – this is a brand-new Spidey for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So the question is, what do you think of the new Marvel Studios Spider-Man?

spider-man movie costume comparison

There has been so much speculation about what Tom Holland's new Peter Parker would look like, and how different the Spidey suit and effects would appear to help differentiate the character from the last two movie versions. But the Spider-Man we see at the end of the Captain America: Civil War trailer is not very different from what we've seen before, in my opinion. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, as the Spider-Man suit is iconic and shouldn't look too different.

new spider-man costume

I hope that this is an early CG render and that the final version might have a bit more texture to it as it looks a bit soft to the eyes. It might be that the lines aren't 3D like the past two movie versions of the costume. Holland sounds like Peter Parker in his perfect delivery, which I'm sure a lot of viewers will compare to Maguire's version of the character.

new spider-man eyes

And the eyes are animated, something I don't think any of us was expecting. There's a sound effect when this happens, so I'm guessing this will be explained via in-movie tech of some kind, as animated Spider eyes might be a bit cartoony for the MCU.

new spider-man belt

If you notice, you can see what look to be cartridges on his belt which hints towards mechanical webbing. And of course the Spider-Man logo has been redesigned for a more minimal tick version of the spider, reminiscent of the Spider-Man symbol from Spider-Man #62 and the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series.

And yes, the back of the suit has a spider more reminiscent of the old school costume:

the new spiderman costume back

So what do you think about the new Spider-Man and new Spider-Man suit? Notice anything that I missed?