'Broad City' Season 3 Trailer: Yas Yas Yas Yas Yas!

Boys and girls may come and go, and some of them (like Hannibal Buress' Lincoln) may even stick around a while. But any Broad City fan knows Abbi and Ilana's true soulmates are each other. So just in time for the most romantic weekend of the year, Comedy Central has dropped a new trailer for Broad City season 3, which kicks off February 17. Watch it after the jump.

If Broad City were a different kind of show, we might be scouring the trailer for plot clues. Why is Jaime (Arturo Castro) begging a teary Ilana (Ilana Glazer) to get off Grindr? How did Ilana manage to get a giant chain caught around her midsection, and how will Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) manage to get her out? But really, so much of the fun of the show is the way it goes off into unexpected detours — whether it's a creepy boat ride to the even creepier North Brother Island, or an unexpected night out at Val's bar. Better to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

That said, the Broad City season 3 trailer does offer a few glimpses of the high-profile guest stars we'll be seeing this season, including Cynthia NixonTony Danza, and Blake Griffin, the last one as himself – or at least Broad City's version of himself, whose name Abbi stretches into a cool five syllables. (He'll have a hard time topping Kelly Ripa's amazing appearance as "herself" last season, but we can't wait to see him try.) Not present, however, is Broad City's most famous upcoming guest star of all: prospective Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Broad City season 3 premieres February 17 on Comedy Central. Which really isn't that long to wait, but if you need a dose of Abbi and Ilana right now, might we suggest you revisit their Lip Sync Battle face-off from last summer?