'The Primary Instinct' Is Now Available On Hulu

Last year, /Film readers and /Filmcast listeners helped me finance and make a film with Stephen Tobolowsky. Soon afterwards, FilmBuff picked us up for distribution. Figuring out how to distribute a film is never an easy process. There are countless decisions to be made about timing of release, which platforms to use, and how to market on those platforms. All that being said, after going on sale last fall across all major VOD platforms, The Primary Instinct is now available to watch on Hulu. 

Hulu gives us the ability to reach millions of subscribers across a variety of different hardware and software platforms, but it's up to us (the filmmakers) to get the word out about the film. So, if you enjoy the film, any Hulu reviews, Facebook posts, and tweets you have to support us would be greatly appreciated.

Those of you who live in a country where Hulu isn't available can still purchase the film at VHX (with extras!). Hit the jump to watch the film on Hulu. And thanks to all who've helped support this little film on its journey thus far.