Why We Haven't Seen Leonardo DiCaprio In Tights Yet

Leonardo DiCaprio has had a tremendous career so far. Most of his filmography is compromised of auteur-driven dramas, almost all of which have been very successful. Without any romantic comedies or superhero movies or tentpole projects, he's become one of the most recognized and respected actors working today. It's doubtful the actor has never been offered the opportunity to put on a cape, and according to DiCaprio, he has.

Will we ever see a Leonardo DiCaprio superhero movie, though? Read his thoughts on the idea after the jump.

The actor is currently busy promoting the latest epic from director Alejandro IñárrituThe Revenant, but a quote of his making the rounds isn't actually for his latest project — but from an interview going all the way back to 2010's Inception.

In an interview with The Short List, DiCaprio was asked why he hasn't starred in a superhero pic and about whether he was offered the lead in the Star Wars prequels. The whole exchange is rather funny, just because of how much DiCaprio laughs at rather obvious questions, like, "Why would you pass on Batman Forever?"

Here's what The Revenant actor had to say:

Did that include playing Robin in Batman Forever? There's a rumour you screen-tested for it...

I never screen-tested. I had a meeting with Joel Schumacher. It was just one meeting and, no, I didn't end up doing it.

Did you actually want the role?

Er, I don't think I did, no (laughs). As I recall I took the meeting, but didn't want to play the role. Joel Schumacher is a very talented director but I don't think I was ready for anything like that.

Do you feel like you dodged a bullet?


Were you in talks to play Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels?

I did have a meeting with George Lucas about that as well, yes.

What happened?

Same scenario (laughs).

He wanted you, but you didn't fancy it?

Um, right. Exactly.


Again, just didn't feel ready to take that dive. At that point.

How close did you come to playing Spider-Man before your friend Tobey Maguire took the part?

Er, that was another one of those situations, similar to Robin, where I didn't feel ready to put on that suit yet. They got in touch with me.

Would you like to play a superhero?

You never know. You never know. They're getting better and better as far as complex characters in these movies. I haven't yet. But no, I don't rule out anything.

Say if DiCaprio got locked into a five-picture contract for a comic book character a few years back, there's a strong chance we wouldn't have seen him in such films as Django Unchained or The Revenant. The actor is thriving on making movies with some of the best directors around, and because of his success, he doesn't have to star in a project he doesn't want to. I wouldn't be surprised if we see him in a Marvel or DC movie one day, but at this moment, he can wait for the right one to come along.

The Revenantis now in limited release.