The Great Great Showdown Hunt Day 7: California, Arizona, Oregon And London

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In July 2014, one of our favorite artists Scott Campbell (aka Scott C) held a scavenger hunt to find his original watercolor Great Showdown paintings in the original filming locations across Los Angeles. This year he returns with The Great Great Showdown Hunt, a bigger and more epic hunt which will take the concept worldwide.

Today is the final day of the Great Great Showdown Hunt, taking us to California, Arizona, Oregon and London. Do you live near these cities? You're going to have to be quick, smart and pop culture-savvy to find these, but if you can, you might be able to get yourself an original Scott C painting.

The worldwide hunt started on Monday on IO9 with Star Trek IV (Monterey, CA), A Clockwork Orange (London, UK), Ghostbusters (Manhattan, NY) and Scott Pilgrim (Toronto Canada).

Day 2 launched on /Film with Royal Tenenbaums (New York City), Ferris Bueller (Chicago), Exorcist (Washington DC) and Machete (Austin, Texas).Day 3 took us to Amelie (Paris, France), Manchester (24 Hour Party People), London (Withnail and I) and Sheffield (Full Monty) in the UK.Day 4 took us to The Lost Boys (Santa Cruz, CA), Singles (Seattle, WA), Anchorman (LA, CA) and Vertigo (SF, CA).Day 5 took us to Good Will Hunting (Boston, MA), Warriors (New York City, NY), V For Vendetta (London, UK), Goodfellas (Queens, NY).Day 6 took us to Lost In Translation (Tokyo), Matrix (Sydney, Australia) and Chopper (Melbourne, Australia).

The Great Great Showdown Hunt will continue on /Film each day until Sunday. So keep checking back to see if there is a Great Showdown painting hidden in your city.


Scott C is holding the treasure hunt to celebrate the release of his third book, Great Showdowns: The Revengewhich is available on Amazon for under $10. Campbell has been building his Great Showdown series for the past nine years, and has held numerous gallery exhibitions featuring the paintings (and some prints) over that time. But since Scott's Great Showdowns have almost exclusively been exhibited in New York City and Los Angeles, he wanted to hold a global scavenger hunt so that fans in other cities could get in on the fun.

Below, read Campbell's clues about the paintings that will be hidden today in the famous original filming locations. Can you find the Great Showdowns?

Here's what's happening: I will post 4 little paintings from popular films once a day this week starting today November 2nd and ending Sunday November 8th.  These paintings shall be placed into envelopes and hidden somewhere at the locations in which those scenes happened. This could happen in your town!

The first person to find this painting shall keep this painting as a gift from me to you!  I only ask that you post a picture of the found painting in your possession, so I can congratulate you in front of the world. Tweet it or whatever you like. #GreatGreatShowdownsHunt

From now until November 15th you can get Scott to personalize your book if you purchase from his online store:


The Great Great Showdown Hunt Day 7: Sunday November 8th 2015

scott c TEEN WOLFLos Angeles, CA: Did you know that werewolfness runs in the family?  That's what this kid found out when he started turning into a wolfman all the time.  The first big moment happened during a basketball game at the kid's school.  He was getting real stressed out, so he turned into a wolfman and began shooting some amazing hoops.  Where was he shooting these amazing hoops as a wolfman?scott c Blue JasmineSan Francisco, CA: This was a more recent film.  A woman moves in with her sister in San Francisco after her marriage crumbles to bits.  In this particular scene, the sister brings her to a bar to meet her boyfriend and his buddy.  They have some beverages near the water in a bar that I recognized from when I used to live in San Francisco.  Where was this bar next to the water?scott c Raising ArizonaPhoenix, AZ: A young couple steals a baby from a rich guy and tries to raise him in their trailer.  It's tough to raise a kid because you have to buy things like diapers.  The new dad decides he should just steal some diapers from his usual shop that he enjoys stealing things from.  Things go rotten though.  Where was this shop?scott c Drugstore CowboyPortland, OR: This gang here just loves robbing drugstores.  They get in there and set up diversions, so one of them can get in the back and start emptying drawers.  They don't even care what they get!  They're nuts.  They love it.  In the opening  scene, one of the gals fakes a seizure in a local drugstore as the diversion and it works really quite well.  Where did this first heist go down?scott c 28 days later

London, UK: This poor fellow woke up from a coma to find the city completely deserted with trash strewn about everywhere. He strolled around town just calling out for people. He crossed a famous bridge and eventually found some dead people that enjoyed running fast. What hospital did this fellow wake up in before he starts his journey across that famous bridge?

Good luck! There will be more Scott C paintings hidden each day though Sunday, so keep checking back each and every morning for your chance to find them. If you find one, tweet @ScottLava with the hashtag #GreatGreatShowdownsHunt to brag to the world.