The Great Great Showdown Hunt Day 3: The Adventure Continues In France And The UK

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In July 2014, one of our favorite artists Scott Campbell (aka Scott C) held a scavenger hunt to find his original watercolor Great Showdown paintings in the original filming locations across Los Angeles. This year he returns with The Great Great Showdown Hunt, a bigger and more epic hunt which will take the concept worldwide.

Todays edition takes us to Paris, France, Manchester, London and Sheffield in the UK. Do you live near these cities? You're going to have to be quick, smart and pop culture-savvy to find these, but if you can, you might be able to get yourself an original Scott C painting. And if you miss out on London, you might have another chance later in the week!

The worldwide hunt started on Monday on IO9 with Star Trek IV (Monterey, CA), A Clockwork Orange (London, UK), Ghostbusters (Manhattan, NY) and Scott Pilgrim (Toronto Canada).

Day 2 launched on /Film with Royal Tenenbaums (New York City), Ferris Bueller (Chicago), Exorcist (Washington DC) and Machete (Austin, Texas). The photo in the header is Scott C with the lucky person who found the Royal Tenenbaums painting outside Tenenbaums house in New York.

The Great Great Showdown Hunt will continue on /Film each day until Sunday. So keep checking back to see if there is a Great Showdown painting hidden in your city.


Scott C is holding the treasure hunt to celebrate the release of his third book, Great Showdowns: The Revenge, which is available on Amazon for under $10. Campbell has been building his Great Showdown series for the past nine years, and has held numerous gallery exhibitions featuring the paintings (and some prints) over that time. But since Scott's Great Showdowns have almost exclusively been exhibited in New York City and Los Angeles, he wanted to hold a global scavenger hunt so that fans in other cities could get in on the fun.

Below, read Campbell's clues about the paintings that will be hidden today in the famous original filming locations. Can you find the Great Showdowns?

Here's what's happening: I will post 4 little paintings from popular films once a day this week starting today November 2nd and ending Sunday November 8th.  These paintings shall be placed into envelopes and hidden somewhere at the locations in which those scenes happened. This could happen in your town!

The first person to find this painting shall keep this painting as a gift from me to you!  I only ask that you post a picture of the found painting in your possession, so I can congratulate you in front of the world. Tweet it or whatever you like. #GreatGreatShowdownsHunt

The Great Great Showdown Hunt Day 3: Wednesday November th 2015

15_Amelie copyParis, France:  This film follows the story of a girl who finds a box full of old things in her bathroom. She lives above a green grocer and often buys fruits and vegetables from him. He is not the nicest guy in the world, but she really likes his assistant who works beside him. Where is this green grocer?14_24HourParty copyManchester UK: There once was a club that spawned many wonderful bands in the UK. This is the fellow who opened the club standing with two of the fellows in one of the more popular bands to come out of the club. This band inspired quite a lot of dancing and partying. Where was this legendary club?19WithnailandI copyLondon UK: This film follows two buddies as they take a little vacation to the countryside. They don't really know how to deal with the countryside, since they are really just city bros. Feeling lonely by the end of the film, one of the bros performs a forlorn scene from Hamlet to a bunch of wolves in the zoo. It is raining hard, but that doesn't seem to bother his performance. Where did he perform to these wolves??16_FullMonty copySheffield, UK: This is the story of some average guys struggling to make ends meet in their small town. They decide to do a strip show to make some cash. They practice their bits, but it's pretty tough going, you guys. At one point they are waiting in line at the job office. They get pretty dancey in that line and realize they can pull this thing off. They are feeling it. Even though, they are wearing clothes in that scene, we can know that they eventually get into the outfits pictured. Where is the office in which they wait in that line?

Good luck! There will be more Scott C paintings hidden each day though Sunday, so keep checking back each and every morning for your chance to find them. If you find one, tweet @ScottLava with the hashtag #GreatGreatShowdownsHunt to brag to the world.