LOL: 'Angels In The Outfield' Gets The '30 For 30' Treatment

Clearly, there's an angel with me right now. How else to explain that mere minutes after I professed my love for Angels in the Outfield right here on /Film, I came across a 30 for 30 episode about same?

Okay, so by "episode" I mean "College Humor parody." But that doesn't make 30 for 30: Angels in the Outfield any less magical. Watch the 30 for 30 Angels in the Outfield video after the jump.  

College Humor posted 30 for 30 Angels in the Outfield on YouTube. Today probably sets the record for the most mentions of Angels in the Outfield on /Film in one day.

That is what baseball people call a home run. College Humor totally nails the serious, thoughtful tone of ESPN's 30 for 30 series, while rightly mocking the absurdity of this movie. As a kid, Angels in the Outfield makes perfect sense — and any time you start to suspect it might not, the film just sends in an adorable moppet (Milton Davis Jr.) to deliver a wide-eyed "It could happen!" — but as an adult, it's total nonsense.

Even if you're able to buy into the premise that a team of actual angels led by Doc Brown Christopher Lloyd has decided to help a struggling baseball team, that just raises a whole bunch of other questions. Why does God (who presumably sent these angels) think helping a baseball team is the best way to reunite this kid with his dad? Why do said angels not think to inform Roger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) about the playoff rules until the very last minute? Why are those playoff rules even a thing? How is telling a kid that his favorite player is about to die of cancer a good idea?

Ah, well. Here's one more: Who cares when you can bask in sentimental uplift and hilarious baseball hijinks?

Previously, Yahoo's Sketchy unleashed a 30 for 30 parody based on that other amazing / terrible '90s sports classic, Space Jam. Now, who wants to volunteer to do the 30 for 30 parody of Rookie of the Year?