'Kingsman 2' Set For Summer 2017

Kingsman: The Secret Service grossed $413 million worldwide this spring, or over five times its reported $80 million production budget. That made Kingsman 2 practically a foregone conclusion, and now it's gotten one step closer to reality. 20th Century Fox has just set a summer 2017 date for the sequel, which will bring back Taron Egerton as young spy Eggsy. More on the Kingsman 2 release date after the jump. 

As confirmed by Box Office Mojo, the Kingsman 2 release date is now June 16, 2017. The film's only direct competition on that date so far is Cars 3, whose target audience won't even be allowed to watch Kingsman 2 unsupervised for another ten years. Kingsman 2 will also be up against the second weekends of World War Z and Fantastic Four 2 (if the latter is still happening, which it very well may not be), and it'll be followed the weekend after by Wonder Woman.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn and based on the comic book by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar, Kingsman: The Secret Service centered on a working-class Londoner (Egerton) who is recruited into an elite spy organization called Kingsman by a mysterious gentleman (Colin Firth). The story followed Eggsy's training, as well as Kingsman's efforts to stop an evil world-destroying plot by a tech billionaire (Samuel L. Jackson).

The film made Egerton a hot commodity overnight, which almost because a problem when his newly booked lead role in Lionsgate's Robin Hood: Origins conflicted with his obligation to return for Kingsman 2. But Lionsgate and Fox have worked it out so Egerton will shoot Kingsman 2 in spring 2016, and then jump into Robin Hood: Origins later in the summer.

Vaughn is already working on the script for Kingsman 2, but hasn't confirmed yet whether he'll direct. Nor has he revealed which characters besides Eggsy will return. (Other cast members included Sophie Cookson and Sofia Boutella.) For what it's worth, though, Millar has made it very clear that he'd love to see Firth back as Harry Hart a.k.a. Galahad.